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When do you need to Replace your Bulbs?

Driving around with a broken taillight or headlight is against the law in every Canadian province and territory. You could end up paying hundreds of dollars in traffic tickets if you are caught with one. Therefore, you need to replace a burnt out bulb as soon as you notice it. At TDot Performance, you will find replacement bulbs to fit a wide array of vehicle fitments. Don't wait. Order your replacement bulbs today and avoid having to pay expensive traffic fines.

Replacement Bulbs in Canada

TDot Performance is one of the largest automotive parts retailers in Canada. We guarantee the lowest prices on all our replacement bulbs. Enjoy free shipping on all orders and never pay any customs duties or brokerage fees. If you are having trouble finding a specific part or just have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566.