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Why buy Bedrug?

Bedrug is one of the world's leading bedliner companies, specializing in liners for truck beds, vans and general purpose mats. Coming in a number of varieties, we have broken down the selection below. Alternatively, view our selection of BedRug Vanrug's, BedRug Carpet Mats and BedRug TrackMats.

BedRug Comparison
BedRug Comparison
  • Drop-in Plastic Liner
  • Ease of Installation: Requires extensive drilling

  • Impact Resistance: Provides adequate protection against dents

  • Cargo Protection: Hard surface can damage fragile cargo

  • Comfort: Hard surface is rough on the knees

  • Skid Resistance: Slippery results in your cargo sliding around as you drive
  • Spray-in Liner
  • Ease of Installation: Must permanently alter truck bed by sanding it and applying solvent (hurting your resale value)

  • Impact Resistance: Provides little to no dent protection

  • Cargo Protection: Rough surface can damage fragile cargo

  • Comfort: Rough surface is extremely painful on the knees
  • Skid Resistance: Little to no skid resistance
  • BedRug Liner
  • Ease of Installation: Require no drilling or modification to your truck bed (leaving truck bed as good as new after removal of liner)

  • Impact Resistance: Thick, foam-like floor and side wall lining provides optimal impact resistance

  • Cargo Protection: Soft, foam-like floor and side wall lining protects fragile cargo

  • Comfort: Soft, foam-like surface offers optimal comfort when kneeling on your truck bed

  • Skid Resistance: Rubber-like finish prevents cargo from sliding around during driving

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