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AGM Technology

AGM technology stands for Absorbed Glass Mat" technology. These Optima batteries have a number of advantages over standard flooded batteries.

  • Spill-proof design (because the battery is not flooded)
  • Use high quality virgin lead (99.9% pure); this results in longer battery life due to fewer contaminants and a lower incidence of gassing
  • Lower internal resistance and a larger plate area result in optimal starting power
  • Quick recharge times
  • Resists vibration
  • Does not sulphate or degrade
  • Resists explosions and corrosion
  • Exceptionally long service life


SPIRALCELL batteries are a special type of AGM battery. They differ from standard AGM batteries in that they use spiral plates instead of flat plates. This results in superior performance and longer service life. Like their regular AGM counterparts, SPIRALCELL batteries also use 99.9% pure virgin lead. These batteries enjoy the same benefits of their AGM counterparts, just with an added punch.

SLI/Deep Cycle Technology

SLI (Starting Lighting Ignition) batteries are designed to provide short bursts of power. They are useful for starting engines and running light electrical loads. SLI batteries are also designed to support applications that require deep, repetitive amperage drain. Applications such as: high performance car audio, emergency applications, motor trolling, and powering RVs.

Which Optima battery is right for you?

  • Optima Redtop: Designed for faster start times and extreme weather and terrain conditions
  • Optima Yellowtop: Designed for heavy cycling capability and quick recharge times
  • Optima Bluetop: Designed for marine and RV applications that require a dual-purpose battery


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