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Pop and Lock

With a history that dates back over 20 years, Pop & Lock is a leading name in the tailgate, truck cap and tonneau cover security market. The firm has a product range in the hundreds, and the company is well known for providing reliable and affordable security solutions for motorists everywhere.

Choose the mechanism that is best for you

Different drivers are looking for different solutions in locking mechanisms, but whatever you want, you can be confident that Pop & Lock have you covered. Drivers who are looking for automatic locking systems, connected to their power doors, will find that this is a popular choice from the company's product range.

Keep your vehicle safe

Another popular option in the Pop & Lock range is the type of lock that mounts inside the tailgate. This hides the locking mechanism from plain view, which is definitely something that adds to the security of your vehicle. Any driver looking to increase their peace of mind should find that Pop & Lock has them covered at all times.

No drilling required

There is no need to drill to install the Pop & Lock devices, which ensures your vehicle remains in great condition. The installation method helps to minimise damage and it ensures that pickups and trucks will not be compromised. The peace of mind that comes from installing this style of lock should help most drivers be more confident about their vehicle.

There is a lock for every vehicle

The full Pop & Lock product range should ensure that there is something for every vehicle and driver. There are also products that are controlled by a remote, to add to the convenience and security.

Any driver looking to learn more about Pop & Lock products should contact TDot Performance by email or by phone.