Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System

Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System

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  • Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System
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The Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System is available with twin tips. This exceptional exhaust system is created by utilizing the patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology. This innovative technology brings an unmatched mixture of a reserved, special performance sound on acceleration, and no-drone convenience at touring speeds. The Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System is constructed from sturdy stainless steel and features an attractive finish, which is polished to a mirror. If you seek both outstanding sound and appearance, then Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System is certainly the best option for you!

In comparison with the stock applications, the Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System improves the gas flow by up to 35%. This powerful exhaust system also provides up to 12 HP and 13 ft-lbs torque, compared to the stock applications. The Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System is available with pro-series stainless steel tips. The installation of this bolt-on exhaust system is simple. Welding is not necessary. All hardware needed for the installation is provided. The package also contains comprehensive instructions for more effortless installation.

The Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System includes high grade Corsa performance mufflers. The Corsa performance mufflers are real straight-through mufflers, which ensure unlimited gas flow. This leads to superior exhaust scavenging as well as additional torque and horsepower from your vehicle's engine. The Corsa performance mufflers are available with mandrel bent pipes. All applications feature a precisely chosen pipe diameter. This is why the Corsa performance exhaust systems are so effective.

The Corsa performance mufflers have unparalleled, patented design. This innovative, straight-through nonrestrictive design merges the performance benefits of straight-through mufflers with the sound control benefits of accuracy manufactured baffled mufflers. This brings you better performance and fuel economy. Corsa's acoustical engineers precisely place and design the baffles. This allows the experts to negate some sound frequencies. All vehicles have specific resonance frequencies. These frequencies may generate a really annoying drone. But the Corsa performance mufflers are modified to every application. These helpful mufflers can prevent the sound frequencies and this in turn eliminates the irritating drone. When you are accelerating, the Corsa performance mufflers maintain an unlimited performance and sound. And when you are driving at cruising speeds, these awesome mufflers will bring you a convenient sound level.

In order to meet the various customer demands, Corsa offers three types of performance exhaust systems – Xtreme, Sport and Touring exhaust systems. The Corsa Xtreme Exhaust Systems deliver bold and deep sound – this is a race inspired, powerful sound with a deep throaty rumble. The Corsa Sport Series Exhaust Systems provide an aggressive and strong sound. On throttle, these unparalleled exhaust systems produce the famous Corsa rumble. At the same time, the Sport Series Exhaust Systems guarantee a comfortable touring. You may perfectly combine the Corsa Sport Series Exhaust Systems with other moderate adjustments – like performance air intakes, for instance. The Corsa Touring Exhaust Systems generate a reserved, unique sound. These exhaust systems are an ideal solution, if you want to add other major power adjustments to your vehicle in order to maintain an excellent sound at cruising speeds – for example, headers.

All Corsa's exhaust systems feature an attractive appearance and endurance. These durable exhaust systems and all their components – like hangers and clamps – are constructed from tough, automotive grade stainless steel. The Corsa exhaust systems also feature a good-looking mirror-shine polished finish. And the results are cool look and long life. The Corsa performance mufflers do not include any packed insulation material, which may come loose or break down. On the contrary, a lot of competitors' straight-through mufflers fail because of such material. If you take a good care for it, the Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System will maintain its great sound properties and appearance for a lifetime. For this reason the Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System is available with a limited lifetime warranty. This high quality exhaust system will surely serve you well for a very long time. The Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System is designed, constructed and produced in Berea, Ohio, in the USA.

Corsa Performance Exhausts has leading positions on the premium exhaust market. Thanks to its progressive engineering, innovation as well as the unique patented RSC technology, Corsa manufactures high grade products that significantly improve the driving experience and provide a mighty sound. The performance will be enhanced as well, with no compromising the joy of cruising. Corsa Performance Exhausts was founded in 1998. Today, Corsa manufactures the most innovative exhaust systems you can find. All Corsa exhaust systems are designed according to your vehicle and your demands. The patented RSC Technology removes the drone at cruising speeds and delivers a real performance voice. The Corsa exhaust systems are provided with straight-through mufflers. This leads to superior horsepower and a stylish sound, which will match your vehicle's personality. The Corsa Performance Exhausts experts construct all parts in the USA by using the most progressive manufacturing methods. This guarantees maximum quality. Through the engineering phase the Corsa's professionals use an innovative 3-D Modeling. During the whole development, a state-of-the-art acoustic engineering has been utilized. By running automatic mandrel benders as well as harmonized measuring equipment, the high grade Corsa Performance Exhausts products have been created. These magnificent exhaust systems are always able to fit. One of the primary objectives of Corsa Performance Exhausts is to improve the driving experience of its customers. And Corsa's whole team works very hard to achieve this objective. But the company appreciates and supports its employees as well by providing long-term job opportunities and development. Thanks to its engagement to its employees, partners and values, Corsa Performance Exhausts manufactures high performance products, which are chosen by a lot of customers today.