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Simply put, body kits allow you to change the exterior of your vehicle. A full body kit can change the entire complexion of your vehicle, while body kit components allow you to make changes only where desired. Performance is important, but so is the look of your vehicle, so don't neglect it. We carry full body kits and body components for a variety of vehicle applications. We have everything in stock, from lip kits and doors to bumper accessories.

Benefits of a Custom Body Kit

Although custom body kits and body components enhance the appearance of your vehicle, they may also offer a performance benefit. Some body kits make your vehicle more aerodynamic, improving your speed, handling, and fuel efficiency. This is something few people consider when making the decision to purchase a body kit, but it really is important to know. So if you had reservations about getting a new body kit because you don't want to splurge on just looks, you'll probably want to re-consider your decision!

Body Kits & Body Components in Canada

TDot Performance is a leading Canadian retailer of custom body kits and body components. We carry a wide selection of products that fit a wide range of vehicle applications. Because we are Canadian, you will never be charged any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. And as per usual, you also enjoy free shipping on every order and we guarantee the lowest prices in Canada!


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