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Leaving your car exposed in a garage for extended periods of time will leave it vulnerable to dust build-up. If you plan on taking a long vacation or if there is some type of construction work taking place in your garage, protect your vehicle by getting a car cover. You will also want to protect a vehicle that is left outdoors for a prolonged period of time. You do not want your vehicle to be damaged by hail or other falling debris (such as needles or cones from a nearby tree). It's important that when you do get a car cover, it is made by a reputable manufacturer like Bestop or Pavement Ends because it will ensure that your vehicle is completely protected.

Car Covers in Canada

TDot Performance carries car covers for a variety of vehicle applications. We guarantee the lowest prices on all orders to go along with free shipping anywhere in Canada. And because we are Canadian, you will never be charged any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. So don't wait. Order a car cover from us today and protect your vehicle before it's too late!


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