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If you don't want to ruin the look of your car, then yes you do! Tires with aggressive treads are perfect for traction, but the grooves have a bad habit of capturing mud and stones while flinging all kinds of debris against rocker panels and fenders, ruining the exterior of your car by causing chipped paint and scratches. Even worse, if stones chip into the paint enough to see the metal underneath, salt-ridden slush during the winter can enter the narrow openings created by the stones and cause rust. Debris can also easily land on pedestrians walking nearby. Instead of admiring your car, they'll be avoiding it! Mud flaps can prevent debris from reaching your car's smooth finish and ensure that no pedestrian has extra laundry to do. TDot Performance carries some of the best quality mud flaps from the most popular brands at the lowest prices across Canada.

Mud Flaps in Canada

Don't compromise the quality of your car's exterior any longer. If you're sick of mud and debris constantly ruining the look of your exterior, then TDot Performance is the place to be. At TDot Performance, we strive to ensure that our customers receive top-of-the-line mud flaps. Not only does our selection include the highest quality brands such as Husky Liners, Bully Dog, and RBP, we also offer free shipping to all Canadian addresses!