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Canadian weather can be unpredictable and harsh. The winter can bring unwelcome amounts of snow, while the summer can sear with an intense sun. Protect your truck bed's belongings with a tonneau cover. These exterior accessories add a rugged level of protection to your truck, turning the bay into one giant sealed container. We carry the best in tonneau covers from makers like BAK Industries, Extang, Access, and much more. Call us at 1-800-276-7566 and we will be happy to hook you up with the tonneau cover you are looking for.

There are different kinds of covers that can be catered to any transportation, protection, or security need that you may have. We carry every kind of cover out there:

Hard Tonneau Covers

Hard tonneau covers offer the best in durability and security. Your cargo will be secured from both the elements and prying hands when covered by a hard tonneau cover. With the added protection comes added weight, but don't be turned off by this piece of information. Hard tonneau covers are actually more aerodynamic than their soft counterparts. This ensures that you will not see a drop in fuel efficiency