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Tonneau Covers

A tonneau cover is a soft or hard cover that is used to either protect the unoccupied passenger seats in a roadster or convertible, or the cargo bed of a pickup truck. Hard tonneau covers work by having a hinged or folding mechanism that opens the cover. Soft tonneau covers open by simply rolling up. Tonneau covers have long been used on open-topped sports cars.

Tonneau covers help to secure cargo by keeping it out of sight and they also protect the items from the damaging effects of sunlight. They come in a range of types including the standard rollup, soft folding, hard folding, retractable, heavy duty, painted, and snap and snapless. There are also accessories for tonneau covers such as cargo management and truck bed liners. Some tonneau covers also offer double lock security and lift assist, to help with easy opening and closing.

Tonneau covers are made by a variety of manufacturers so to ensure that you get the best value for money you should ensure you buy from a good producer. Some manufacturers use materials such as heavy gauge aluminum that is stronger and more durable than other weaker vinyl materials. Whether you choose a hard tonneau or a soft tonneau will depend on what you use your vehicle for. You also should consider whether a roll up, folding or snap one suits your needs best.

Soft tonneaus provide quick access to the truck bed, are lightweight, flexible enough for large cargo items and are generally cheaper. Hard tonneau covers have a better appearance with sleek lines, and they offer better security for items in the truck bed, and they offer better protection against the elements and do not expand in hot weather or contract in cold weather. Hinged tonneaus use gas struts to assist opening whilst retractable tonneaus can be opened at the push of a button such as Retrax's PowertraxONE and PowertraxPRO. While there are some who enjoy the benefits of having a powered retractable tonneau cover, others prefer the simplicity of a roll up or folding tonneau covers, BAK Industries and Extang are among the leaders, providing truck owners with a choice between hard and soft tonneau covers with a variety of opening options at affordable prices.

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