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One important aspect of your vehicle is its ability to haul items that are too large to fit inside it. But for hauling things like boats, campers, or trailers you'll need to get a trailer hitch. While some trucks and SUVs may have a basic hitch or hitch receiver built into the frame, chances are you'll need to invest in a trailer hitch that works better for your specific needs. There are numerous options, but getting the best one is important.

What Trailer Hitch Options Are Available?

Choosing the right trailer hitch means considering what you'll be hauling and what kind of attachment points you'll need. Here are some of your choices.

  • Hidden Hitches: Hidden hitches showcase perfect fitment and fast installation, as well as a design that doesn't protrude from the rear of the vehicle and create a safety risk. They're available in black powder coating and feature strong durability.
  • Fifth Wheels: The fifth wheel hitch style mounts into the bed of a pickup truck and provides an attachment point for