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Gauges are awesome because they tell you what you need to know about your car. Especially if you recently installed a new racing engine, you need gauges that tell you how much fuel you have remaining, how fast you're going, if your engine's becoming too hot, and many more specific characteristics to monitor the performance and condition of your vehicle. Give your car's information centre the look it deserves with our custom gauges and accessories. If you're looking to impress your buddies with some slick looking gauges, you've come to the right place. TDot Performance is your one-stop shop for custom gauges and accessories. We carry a wide variety of gauges suited to your every need. If you're pushing your car hard on the tracks, you need precise, up-to-date information to monitor your car. TDot Performance carries top-notch brands including Auto Meter, Edge, Bully Dog, DiabloSport, and more. Now you can give your car the look you always wanted. Wow your friends with sleek and stylish gauges that up your interior. We don't charge you a cent of customs, duties, or border fees, and shipping to any Canadian address is absolutely free!