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How do Fuel Injection Systems work?

Until 1990, most vehicles used carburetors to supply fuel to the engine. However, with the dawn of stricter emissions laws, the carburetor was phased out in favour of the more efficient fuel injector. What makes a fuel injector so special? A fuel injector is just like any other valve, only that it is electronically controlled. The fuel injector works closely with your vehicle's ECU (electronic control unit) to ensure optimal fuel flow. Fuel itself is transported from the fuel tank, through a series of fuel lines, and is finally pressurized using a fuel pump. A fuel pressure regulator ensures the correct fuel pressure is achieved. Finally, the fuel injector injects the pressurized fuel into the engine.

Fuel injection systems have evolved over the years:

  • Single-point injection
  • Continuous injection
  • Central port injection
  • Multi-port fuel injection
  • Direct injection
Most modern vehicles use a direct injection system. In this system, the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber rather than being injected before the intake valve. Direct fuel injection systems are more advanced than their predecessors, requiring high precision electronic management systems.

Fuel Delivery Systems in Canada

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