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Why Invest in an Ignition System?

Ignition systems provide your car with the spark that's needed to achieve maximum horsepower and performance. If you want to revamp your car's performance and are looking to make a statement on the tracks, don't settle for just any ordinary ignition system. Lots of air and fuel in the cylinders is good, but won't take you very far without solid, quality ignitions. A top-of-the-line ignition system provides the spark that allows for a complete combustion and takes your horsepower to the next level.

Boost Horsepower and Fuel Efficiency with Ease

If you're looking to boost your horsepower while increasing fuel efficiency, trust TDot Performance to deliver. We carry only the very best ignitions that will ensure that your car is at its very peak. We carry MSD's 8-Plus Ignition Control with built-in 2-step rev control, allowing you to switch between two rev limits without having to deal with extra wiring or housings. Compatible with 4/6/8-cylinders, the 8-Plus Ignition Control features unparalleled spark output.

Ignition Systems in Canada

At TDot Performance, we understand how important it is for you to ramp up the horsepower while being fuel efficient. That's exactly why we carry the very best ignitions to ensure your car is performing at its best at all times. Our high-end selection of premium brands includes MSD and Accel Ignition. Also, don't worry about shipping because if you're ordering from a Canadian address, it's free.