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What does a Transmission do?

A transmission helps your engine work more efficiently. Your engine spins a gear which spins your wheels. Without a transmission, your car wouldn't be able to move very quickly. A transmission adds a second, larger gear into the mix. This larger gears spins smaller gears that are attached to your wheels. Each spin of this larger gear results in several spins of the smaller gears. This allows your engine to work more efficiently because it can increase speed without increasing its energy input. Each time you shift geras, you switch to a smaller gear. The smaller the gear is, the more rotations it gets per minute (meaning that your car moves faster).

Automatic Transmission

As its name suggests, the automatic transmission automatically changes gear ratios as the vehicle moves. This frees the drivers from having to manually shift gears with a gear stick. Automatic transmissions are the standard in most North American vehicles.

Manual Transmission

On the other hand, a manual transmission does not automatically shift gears as the car moves. In this setup, the driver must manually shift gears using a gear stick. Manual transmissions are generally the standard in vehicles sold outside of North America.

Transmission Parts in Canada

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