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One of the most noticeable and impressive ways to customize a vehicle is the addition of custom rims and tires. Adding stylish aftermarket wheels to your car or truck will turn heads without a doubt and make a tremendous impact on the overall experience of your ride. There are so many different options out there that taking a few minutes to review your choices is a good idea.

Customizing your wheels can be broken down into three different categories: rims, tires, and accessories. Choosing the right ones will have a massive impact on the way your car looks when on the road. Here's a closer look at each of the three different wheel customization options.


When most people think of wheel customization, they think of rims. Rims are essentially the wheel, and are what your tires will be placed over. They're generally available in chrome, steel, or black matte, but other finishes may be available as well. The main thing to consider when choosing a rim is the overall style. Designers offer a huge assortment of choices here, from simple rims that are low profile to thick, complex designs that will garner plenty of stares. You'll ultimately need to match your wheel size to your rims.


Tires should complement both the rims and the car as a whole. For trucks and SUVs, large, knobby truck tires with lots of tread and a rugged stance will look great while also making it much easier to head off-road and into tough terrain without worry. For cars, low-profile, sleek, stylish tires are a good option. Most of today's tires are made for longevity, and you should get plenty of use out of them before having to replace them. Again, consider your vehicle's style and what you're using the tires for to find the ones that work best for what you need, and don't forget to match up sizes and ensure that you choose the tires that fit the rims you've placed on your vehicle.


Finally, there are numerous rim and tire accessories that you may want to look at. Things like valve caps, which can be customized with different colours or with a light-up option, as well as centre caps or even valve stems. There are also coloured lug nut caps that help highlight the rims you've chosen with a special design and vivid colour. Adding the right accessories is a great way to complete a look and help your vehicle truly stand out in a big way.

It's also worth mentioning that you can add wheel spacers to your setup. These are durable spacers that add performance and style by pushing your wheels slightly outward from the base of the car. This helps to widen your vehicle's track and assist with handling while also adding a sporty, wide-stance look to the vehicle that many gearheads love. They'll work with almost any rim and tire setup, and are a low-cost way to increase performance and appearance.

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