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So let's get into your options in more detail. Your first option is buying new calipers. Assuming your current calipers work fine, spending valuable dollars on an expensive new set is simply unnecessary, especially if you're just looking for an aesthetic improvement. A second option is painting your calipers. Aside from having to spend hours on hours actually painting them, there is no guarantee that the paint will stick for the remaining life of your vehicle. Additionally, painting them with a vibrant colour doesn't disguise the hideous shape of some older calipers. Suddenly we're left with the third and best option: buying caliper covers. Comparatively, you save money by avoiding option one and save time by skipping out entirely on the painting process.

Getting into the caliper covers themselves, they are made with a durable, polished material (usually aluminum or stainless steel) that will probably never have to be replaced. Offered in essentially all the colours of the rainbow with the option for customized logos, there is no caliper cover that won't appeal to car enthusiasts and even daily drivers. Further benefits include an easy installation/removal process, reduction of brake dust and caliper temperature, and they don't interfere whatsoever with the brakes themselves. On both a practical and visual level, purchasing caliper covers is a no-brainer. At TDot Performance, we are proud to offer MGP caliper covers in our lineup, a world-renowned manufacturer of caliper covers. Find the right set for you right here at a price free from customs, duties, and shipping fees. Need help? Call us at 1-800-276-7566 and our experts will be more than happy to help you.


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