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The TDot Performance Advantage

What is it about cars that we all love so much? The speed, the style, the class, the power? Whatever it is, we've got you covered. Performance parts, replacement parts, exterior accessories, interior accessories, fuel equipment, if it has to do with premium auto parts in Canada, you name it, we have it. At TDot Performance, we specialize in providing drivers with premium aftermarket industry truck parts, OEM car parts, and truck accessories for various vehicle makes and models.

In 2015, we appeared on CBC’s Dragon’s Den and closed a deal on air with Michele Romanow. Since then, we’ve continued to partner with all the right manufacturers, ensuring that you’ll always find the right auto parts in Toronto and all over Canada. Our store carries over 250 auto parts dealers and products from brands such as Weathertech, Husky Liners, aFe Power, Rough Country, Edelbrock, Wix Filters, SCT Performance, Dorman, BBS Wheels, Pro Comp, and more, across dozens of product categories. Want to increase your vehicle’s horsepower or torque like a pro? Try a Bully Dog. Need a new exhaust system? Flowmaster and Borla are top performers. Want to add extra power and utility to your truck? Bak Industries and Extang covers are popular choices. Need a smoother brake system? Check out EBC Brakes. Looking to toy with your vehicle’s suspension? Readylift products won't let you down. Fuel pressure regulators and fuel pumps? We have the latest one by BD Diesel and Fass Fuel.

At TDot Performance, we are hardcore car enthusiasts who know exactly what's hot on the auto parts market in Canada. From air filters and air intake systems to oil pumps and oil filters to brake pads and brake rotors, you can bet that we’re the first to have the latest ones. As Canada’s top auto parts dealer, our store offers the lowest prices and best deals for high-quality products for your car, truck, and SUV make and model. Worried about fitment? We guarantee fitment on every order made, so if your product does not fit, we will exchange it or refund it to the last penny with our 30-day easy returns.

A common misconception many consumers have is that ordering automotive parts from an American store is cheaper than ordering automotive parts in Canada. What many people don't know is that they will be charged hundreds of dollars in hidden border fees and taxes when their car parts are sourced across the border into Canada. Why pay the extra fees when you can find the same or even better quality car parts in Canada at a cheaper price? Carrying only the highest quality brands and auto parts available in Toronto and throughout Canada, we have something for just about everyone. The best part: there are no hidden fees and shipping is free! That's right, no customs duties, taxes, or brokerage fees to worry about, and we're proudly Canadian! Whether you’re in Toronto, Calgary, or Ottawa, you can bet on the fast deliveries of the car parts, gears, and accessories for your vehicle. So go ahead, trust the number one auto parts store in Canada, TDot Performance, and gear up to turn heads like a pro with your newly decked-out ride!

What TDot Performance offers

TDot Performance is your one-stop-shop for all things automotive. Be it brakes or exhaust systems, seat covers or trailer hitches, ball bearings, or air/fuel filters, you can trust TDot Performance for all your automotive needs. With renowned brands like Fabtech, Air Lift, BAK Industries, Wix Filters, Rigid Industries, EBC Brakes, Pro Comp, Aries, Recaro, Back Rack, and Battery Tender, TDot Performance provides unparalleled quality. Looking for new wheels to jazz up the look of your car, have a look at Konig Wheels, XXR Wheels, or Enkei Wheels for top-quality wheels at exceptionally affordable prices.

Regardless of whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV in Canada, aftermarket parts are guaranteed to boost its functionality, power, style, and set it apart from the rest. When it comes to where to buy the best upgrades, there’s not a more trusted verified dealer of auto parts than TDot Performance. From Toronto to Montreal to Vancouver, TDot Performance offers a fast shipment of the latest car and truck parts, accessories, gears, and tires.

Installing new aftermarket tires is an efficient means of improving your car or truck’s drivability. The automotive industry has engineered top-quality tires to enhance acceleration, cornering, and braking while also generating smoother aesthetics when paired with your wheels. All the aftermarket upgrades and products you integrate won’t be of much use if your tires are unable to grip the ground efficiently. Tires ensure a comfortable ride while providing the traction and steering response that overcomes rain and snow.

There are different kinds of tires available in the market so different driving personalities can select the ones that suit their needs. Summer tires certify optimized grip and precise cornering. Winter tires are built to produce superb traction during harsh cold weather. All-season tires guarantee a smooth drive during summer, winter, or any other time of the year. Competition tires ensure superb driving performance on racing applications. Truck/SUV tires emphasize strength and resilience for heavy-duty jobs. There are also classic and muscle tires that produce an inimitable look when matched with your wheels.

Worn-down tires often cause your vehicle to move to one side when you're trying to go straight or they may cause your wheels to spin when accelerating. Select TDot Performance for the latest and most innovative vehicle products and brands. TDot Performance is Canada’s most trusted online shop for the most resilient and head-turning aftermarket rims. and tires. Our online shop is an authorized retailer of highly-regarded aftermarket brands which include the likes of Michelin, Pirelli, Falken, Falken, and many more. Select from our shop’s broad selection of summer, winter, all-season, off-road, and many other tires. You can access them all from our easy-to-navigate website.

Our shop ensures customers have the precise tires, wheels, and products to maximize their vehicle’s performance. TDot Performance offers free shipping for drivers residing in Canada. Enjoy our store’s fast shipping system and rest assured that orders are free from any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. When you select and buy your wheels and tires from us, you’re guaranteed all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer along with exceptional customer service.

If a certain product is trending then you can bet we'll be the first ones to have stocks ready to be delivered anywhere in Canada. Need assistance locating the proper components? Feel free to call our store at 1-800-276-7566 or send us an email at Be it air filters, air intake systems, brake pads, fuel pumps, brake rotors, oil filters, oil coolers, or any other upgrade, our customer service ensures that you find the precise ones that accommodate your driving needs.

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