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In 1997, the famous Japanese Automobile manufacturer Toyota started producing a new series of environmentally-friendly full hybrid electric cars named "Prius". The Toyota Prius is considered as one of the cleanest vehicles sold in the US as well as one of the most fuel-efficient gasoline-powered cars without plug-in capability on the American market. In its lifespan, the Prius has been manufactured in four generations.

The first-generation (1997–2003) was classified as a compact car and featured a 4-door sedan body style. It was available with a front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout. Toyota equipped the first Prius models with a 1.5L 1NZ-FXE I4 gasoline hybrid engine. This generation was very successful as it became the first mass-produced gasoline-electric hybrid car in the world and has also won the Japanese Car of the Year Award in 1997.

Unlike the first one, all next generations would be classified as mid-size cars. The second-generation (2003–2009) came with a new design and a 5-door lift-back body style. The interior was expanded and more space for luggage was provided. The second generation featured better aerodynamics and was more environmentally-friendly in comparison to the previous one.

The third generation started in 2009. It came with even better aerodynamics and superior fuel efficiency. This generation featured two new gasoline hybrid engine options – a 1.8L 2ZR-FXE I4 and a 1.8L 5ZR-FXE I4 (the last one was available in China). In 2011, the Toyota Prius was upgraded with some exterior modifications and an improved infotainment system. A variety of useful features were provided as well like an optional solar panel on the roof.

The fourth generation was launched in December 2015. This version utilizes Toyota's innovative New Global Architecture (TNGA) modular platform. Thanks to the TNGA platform, the new Prius has a lower center of gravity and enhanced structural rigidity. This design generated superior handling, aerodynamics, and swiftness. This version also had new exterior upgrades and a larger interior. Furthermore, this generation is also available with upgraded batteries, smaller electric motors with higher power density, and advanced gasoline engine technologies.

If you're looking to make a statement on the road, you can be certain that integrating Toyota Prius Accessories and Parts would be a reliable solution. At TDot Performance, we never compromise on quality. Our top-of-the-line Toyota Prius parts and accessories will ensure that your vehicle is the talk of the town. To give this full hybrid electric automobile better power and improved handling, we highly recommend installing the exhaust systems, fuel systems, air filters, air intake systems, and ignition systems by brands like Magnaflow, Injen, Kooks Headers, and aFE Power.

To fully protect the Prius as well as enhance its functionality, we carry both exterior and interior accessories like roof racks, trailer hitches, car covers, cargo liners, and floor mats. Auxiliary lights, fog lights, headlights, and other high-quality lighting upgrades ensure maximum visibility in darker environments. When you buy your Toyota Prius Parts and Accessories from TDot Performance, you’re guaranteed brand new products that are shipped to your doorsteps in no time. Coupled by the best prices you’ll ever find in all of Canada, look no further than TDot Performance for your vehicle's peak performance.