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The Toyota Prius Series are plug-in hybrid cars introduced in 2012. The Prius Prime is the second generation of this well-regarded series. In its release in 2016, the Prime had an all-electric range of 40km which is double that of the first generation’s. An incredibly energy-efficient vehicle, it has the highest miles per gallon gasoline equivalent rating in all-electric mode of any ride with an internal combustion engine. The Prius Prime features Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain, merging a 1.8L gasoline four-cylinder port-injected inline-4 Atkinson cycle engine with a dual motor generator drive system that is powered by an 8.8 kWh lithium-ion battery. A huge improvement to its predecessor, the Prius Prime is capable of running entirely on electricity in all-electric mode (EV mode). This powerful and advanced driving quality is appropriately coupled with a gorgeous and modern aesthetic. Indeed, the Toyota Prius Prime is an outstanding and stylish driving solution but when you integrate aftermarket upgrades to replace factory variants, the results are simply phenomenal. A proudly Canadian brand, TDot Performance is certified to be the most complete dealer if you’re looking to buy the latest and most innovative Toyota Prius Prime Parts and Accessories.

Obtain next level power and performance by upgrading this hybrid car with high-end components such as air intake systems, air filters, engine components, brakes, and suspension systems. We carry exterior accessories such as roof racks, car covers, trailer hitches, and wind deflectors to upgrade the Prius Prime’s bold personality and add a beneficial feature or provide reliable protection. Adding to that, we also have interior accessories like floor mats, cargo liners, sunshades, and seat covers to maintain the clean look inside this vehicle. Improve driving safety and establish the proper illumination when driving at night by upgrading with our huge selection of top-notch lighting upgrades.

TDot Performance is an authorized retailer of highly regarded automotive aftermarket brands such as Thule, Tein, Weathertech, DrawTite, and Husky Liners. The modern driver is guaranteed the best prices in the Canadian Region along with a quick delivery system and a very reliable customer service. As a verified dealer, we honor all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. If you require any assistance finding the most appropriate Toyota Prius Prime Parts and Accessories for your needs, look no further than TDot Performance.