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In 1984, Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota introduced a new line of SUVs called the 4Runner. In the beginning, the 4Runner was designed as a compact SUV but later, it developed into a mixture between a compact and a mid-size SUV. In its lifespan, the Toyota 4Runner was manufactured in five generations.

The first generation (1984–1989) came as an altered version of the existing Hilux (N50/N60/N70) with a short-bed pickup body. All models from this generation were available with only 2 doors. The second-generation (1989–1995) still had many similarities with Hilux pickup. However, the second generation 4Runners came with a completely redesigned and fully steel integrated body mounted on the existing frame. Most models from this generation had four doors. The third generation was presented in 1995 and featured a completely new body shell on an all-new chassis. This generation included more luxury-oriented vehicles, but they had an appearance that was identical with the second generation’s.

The fourth generation (2002–2009) came with some notable modifications on the chassis and body of the vehicle. This generation still utilized a body-on-frame construction design and a solid rear axle. As a result, high strength and endurance were ensured but interior room and on-road handling were compromised. The fifth and newest generation was launched in 2009 and is offered in 3 trim levels. The new Toyota 4Runners feature revised front and rear fascia with projector headlamps and clear-lensed LED tail lamps. There are also some other slight exterior cosmetic modifications as well. The fifth-generation also comes with a new interior, improved brake lines for better pedal feel, and an electronic Trailer Sway Control programming.

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TDot Performance has exterior accessories like running boards, spare tire carriers, and trailer hitches to maximize the 4Runner’s functionality as well as interior accessories such as floor mats and cargo liners to make certain the insides are kept clean during demanding driving conditions. We also offer light bars, auxiliary lights, off-road lights, and many other lighting upgrades to make driving at night, safer and easier. When you buy your Toyota Corolla Parts and Accessories from TDot Performance, you’re certified a brand new and fully sealed purchase that’s delivered to your location in no time. Coupled by the best prices you’ll ever find in all of Canada, look no further than TDot Performance for your vehicle's peak performance.