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At TDot Performance we offer the largest selection of AC COBRA parts and accessories in Canada


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AC Cobra

The first AC Cobra sports cars were manufactured in 1963, and production continued until the late 1960s. The automobile was a technical success and received outstanding reviews.

The US magazine Car and Driver had this to say about the car: “Very simply stated, the AC Cobra attained higher performance figures than any other production automobile we have tested.

“And it did it with the ‘street’ engine. When [designer] Carroll Shelby builds a hot rod, he doesn't settle for any old chassis. In this case, he has chosen one that has figured largely in hybrid projects for some time, and with great success.

“Coupling the stout AC chassis and lightweight AC body with a souped-up Ford engine, Shelby has come up with an extremely track-worthy sports car of very high performance indeed.”

However, sales of the AC Cobra were poor, and the automobile was a financial failure for the joint UK-US venture that manufactured it.

Production briefly restarted for a few years in the mid-1980s. Since then, limited editions of what are called ‘continuation cars’ - special replicas of the AC Cobra manufactured by AC Cars - have occasionally been produced, and the original AC Cobra is now considered a classic car.

TDot Performance, Canada’s largest source of performance parts, makes it easy to add performance features to your AC Cobra, offering a wide variety of parts for the Cobra, Cobra MK II 289, Cobra MK III 427 and Cobra MK III 428.

Air intake systems

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TDot Performance offers an excellent selection of air filters for your AC Cobra.

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