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The history of Acura MDX began in the year 2000 when Acura (the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker, Honda) presented a new line of mid-sized three-row luxury crossover SUVs called "Multi-Dimensional luxury". Later, this name was shortened to "MDX". This was the most expensive crossover in Acura's line-up (except for the 2009 – 2013 model years when it was surpassed by the ZDX model). The Acura MDX was manufactured in three generations.

The first-generation (2000–2006) was created to replace the SLX model. The Acura MDX came with a front-engine, all-wheel-drive layout and it utilizes the same platform as the Pilot model. The first MDX vehicles were equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission and 3.5 L V6 240 hp engine but in 2003, the engine was upgraded to 265 hp. The MDX from this period featured a 106.3 in. wheelbase and provided space for 7 passengers.

The second generation (2007–2013) came with a new design and longer wheelbase. The MDX was provided with a variety of modern features, such as a power moonroof, leather interiors, and high-intensity discharge (Xenon) low beam headlights. The Canadian MDX model was also available with headlight washers. This generation was equipped with a new and more powerful J37A1 3.7L (3,664 cc) 24 valve SOHC V6 VTEC engine and a 5-speed or 6-speed automatic transmission.

The third generation was launched in 2013. A new front-wheel-drive version was presented in the USA while the all-wheel-drive remained the only model available in Canada. The third generation comes with a 3.5L J35Y5 (3,471 cc) 24 valve SOHC V6 VTEC engine and a 6-speed or 9-speed automatic transmission. The wheelbase is increased to 111 in. This new generation also features a more aerodynamic design that decreases drag by 16% and produces superior fuel economy. Plus, the vehicle’s body is now more durable thanks to the increased use of high-strength steel.

Throughout its 15-year history, the Acura MDX enjoyed high popularity and has become the best-selling three-row luxury crossover of all time. The MDX has also won several awards, including the 2001 North American Truck of the Year Award. If you're looking for Acura MDX Accessories and Parts, look no further than We carry the very best in Acura MDX parts and accessories to ensure that your car is performing at the highest levels all the time. We offer exhaust systems, air intake systems, ignition systems, suspension systems, and performance chips to give this luxury SUV a great boost in power and performance.

To showcase a more refined look while providing better protection against demanding driving conditions, we have exterior accessories like running boards and grille protectors along with interior accessories like floor mats and sunshades. Furthermore, we have auxiliary lights and other lighting components to improve driving visibility as well as caliper covers and high-quality tire/wheel accessories. TDot Performance is a trusted seller of highly esteemed aftermarket brands like Hella, EBC Brakes, and Mishimoto so you can expect all the Acura MDX Parts and Accessories we carry to be new and authentic. When you buy your Acura MDX Parts from us, you’re guaranteed a quick shipment system and the best prices you’ll ever find in Canada.


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