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As a responsible car owner, it’s important to be aware that at one point or another, you’re going to have to replace some of your vehicle’s components. If you see worn-down parts, locating the proper replacement products is essential to ensure the car’s consistent performance. You may also be interested in boosting its drivability, whether it be through more resilient engine components, new air intake parts, high-quality brake pads, and brake rotors, precise suspension systems, or an upgraded fuel system. For the DIY builder who shops for car parts at an online website, you are given the choice to work with OEM parts or aftermarket products. Before you see to browsing and filling your virtual cart with a new series of products, we’re going to tackle a few important questions to save you the hassle and ensure you maximize your budget.

What is the Best Website for Auto Parts?

When it comes to Canada’s most complete website for premium auto parts and accessories, you won’t see a more comprehensive dealer than TDot Performance. From suspension and steering upgrades to brake pads and brake rotors, our website’s main duty is to provide cars, trucks, or any other vehicle models with the best series of aftermarket auto products that effectively improve style and performance. Whether you drive a heavy-duty Ford Ranger, a classic Chevrolet Camaro, or a track-conquering Ford Mustang, our website will see to it that they get the proper kits and components to excel in their specific application. We guarantee the best online site for aftermarket car parts as you’ll find complete descriptions of all the items we carry. Whether it be disc brake rotors, brake pads, intercooler hoses, suspension systems, steering stabilizers, aftermarket wheels, or automotive tools, our site’s contents ensure our customers can easily see, learn, and purchase the appropriate parts for their setup.

TDot Performance is an authorized retailer of internationally renowned auto parts manufacturers such as Holley, Bilstein, Husky Liners, Yokohama, Spectre Performance, KW Suspension, Aero Exhaust, EBC Brakes, Ford Racing, Fass Fuel, Air Lift, and many many others. This means that all the components, models, and kits that you find on our website are 100% authentic and brand new. What’s more, TDot Performance honors all the official warranties provided by the original manufacturer as insurance of long-lasting quality. Our website guarantees the best prices in Canada for complete air intake kits, replacement air filters, exhaust components, fuel tank assembly replacements, engine assemblies, brake rotors, brake pads, brake hoses, wheels, and any other premium aftermarket car parts you could ever need. Learn more on the best aftermarket performance parts for your car by contacting us at 1-800-276-7566 or you can send our site an email at

What are Aftermarket Auto Parts?

So, what exactly does it mean if parts are labeled as aftermarket? Aftermarket auto parts are products that are made by a manufacturer other than your vehicle’s original manufacturer. These components and accessories are engineered to perform the same function as the original parts. They are popularly utilized as cost-efficient replacements for a car or truck’s worn-out original components but they can also be used for performance enhancement or an improved vehicle appearance. Common aftermarket parts include tires, rims, engine parts, brake kits, cold air intakes, exhaust systems, and turbochargers.

Whether it’s boosting engine performance on the track, establishing a heavy-duty build for the off-roads, or producing a more classic appearance, opting for aftermarket parts and accessories has many advantages. Aftermarket products tend to be less pricey than their original equipment counterparts. They can also be easily found in the nearest auto shop or mechanic near your vicinity. There are a huge number of companies that produce aftermarket components and kits with each of them having its specialty. The broad selection means more competition, lower prices, and precise solutions for specific models and applications. Take note that depending on the policy issued by your insurance company, integrating aftermarket vehicle components instead of OEM ones can see some changes in the car insurance coverage going forward.

Who Makes the Best Aftermarket Parts?

The aftermarket automotive industry consistently grows with time, resulting in a plethora of excellent models and exclusive series. To label a single manufacturer as the best would be impossible due to the industry’s broad field. There are, however, a number of brands that many see as head and shoulders above the rest in their specific category. For instance, Magnaflow and Flowmaster are arguably the standard-bearers for their outstanding series of performance exhaust systems. Meanwhile, modern enthusiasts see the K&N, aFe Power, and Airaid as the go-to specialists for air intake systems. With brands like Bilstein, Rancho, and Rough Country, you can find a broad series of premium-quality suspension and steering components that aim to efficiently boost your vehicle’s handling. If you’re looking for new brake pads, brake rotors, brake hoses, or comprehensive brake kits, the innovations offered by EBC Brakes, Stoptech, Powerstop, and Brembo are your best bet for optimized brake systems. For those not fully confident but are willing to try aftermarket parts, selecting these renowned brands would be ideal to see the performance results you’re after and save some hard-earned money.

Is it Illegal to Have Aftermarket Parts?

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As a proud vehicle owner, you can legally modify and alter its components in nearly any way you like. However, this is to a certain extent as some aftermarket products once installed will render your cars or trucks illegal for use on public roadways. Regulations on car modification products vary depending on your location. Some components are considered illegal in some states while some have been banned across the board. So before you decide to upgrade with a new cold air intake, an aggressive suspension lift kit, powerfully bright light bars, or an awe-inspiring exhaust system, see to it that you first thoroughly check which parts and accessories are legal in your location. Some common issues to look out for include exhaust modifications that violate air quality, greatly intense lighting upgrades, excessively lifted or lowered suspension, very dark tinted windows, and loud engine performance.

Is Aftermarket Quality as Good as OEM?

So, which option is better: OEM or aftermarket? The main advantage of OEM car parts is that they offer optimal fit and performance. With them being engineered by the original manufacturer, they are guaranteed to work perfectly like the car parts you are replacing. The main disadvantage of OEM components is their limited availability which makes the exact vehicle-specific parts difficult to find and a typically heavy cost. With the consistent growth of the aftermarket industry, you can easily see and purchase the proper aftermarket air filters, exhaust pipes, brake pads, brake rotors, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, and engine assemblies to take the place of much more expensive OEM components. Of course, the overall quality of aftermarket auto products would vary depending on many factors. You can however find aftermarket parts and accessories whose quality meets or exceeds the OEM variant.

If you're not fully confident on whether to purchase aftermarket car products or opt for the more expensive OEM counterpart, doing an ample amount of research would be ideal in helping you make the right decision and save money. Opting for premium and globally regarded brands is your best bet to get aftermarket products with the biggest bang. Adding to that, you should also seek out the opinion of a trusted mechanic and get some input on what consumers are saying about the specific products in question.