Improving Drivability with Michelin Tires

Since 1889, Michelin has engineered superior performance tires that grant modern vehicles excellent traction and a safer drive quality. A highly prestigious name, Michelin is known internationally for achieving a lot of firsts such as the first radial aircraft tires in 1981 and the first radial motorcycle tires in 1984. Michelin integrates only the latest in modern technology for unbeatable quality. Their tires are designed with exceptional features such as a progressive tread design, an all-season construction, 3-D active sipes and superb noise decreasing technology. Whether you need to enhance stability and control for tough racing applications, heavy-duty trucking, or everyday driving, Michelin guarantees an exact fit to your specifics.

michelin pilot sport

Known for generating the perfect balance between resilience, comfort, and a firm grip, Michelin tires undergo a complex design process to achieve their level of quality. But just where are Michelin tires made? As one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers, Michelin currently has over 100,000 hard working employees and about 70 cutting-edge production facilities spread all over the globe. From France to Canada to Japan to the United States of America, their production plants are modern and properly organized to meet daily high demand. In the United States, Michelin develops their tires in six states: Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and South Carolina. They also established facilities in Nova Scotia, Canada, and Queretaro, Mexico.

The company often offers huge deals so the customer can improve vehicle performance while saving some of their hard-earned cash. Just recently, they had an excellent promo for the spring of 2019 where if a customer purchases four new Michelin passenger or light truck tires between March 20 and June 15, 2019, they would obtain a $70 USD mail-in rebate. How often does Michelin have these promos and rebates though? There is no exact number per year but they do it multiple times annually and when they do, customers can expect an incredibly outstanding deal.

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