How To Tell What Flowmaster Fits My Car

Finding the right muffler is important if you're looking to maximize the value of your vehicle. There are quite a lot of benefits from replacing your stock muffler with a superior Flowmaster muffler-more power, faster acceleration, unique sound, better fuel economy.

You've probably heard that a Flowmaster muffler is the best thing you can get for your ride. A brand that pretty much started a revolution in aftermarket performance exhaust technology can never be a bad choice, right? But how do you to tell what Flowmaster part fits your car?

There is an epic variety of pipe diameters, inlet and outlet mufflers sizes to choose from. Not to mention that Flowmaster prides itself on the huge collection of muffler designs for virtually any application out there-from street to racetrack.

Here is what you need to consider when shopping for a new muffler:

  • Do you have a single or dual exhaust system?
  • The inlets and outlets of your existing exhaust pipe diameter.
  • Is it performance gains, sound or fuel economy you are after?

The good news is that the chances of you ending up purchasing the wrong muffler are limited if you follow this guide. The fastest way to be absolutely sure what Flowmaster system, kit or muffler fits your vehicle is by shopping by year, make, and model of vehicle.

Second, you need to know the sound level you are after. There are several types of Flowmaster mufflers such as sound absorbing, sound cancelling, and diffusion mufflers. The exhaust sound they produce vary from:

  • Mild, Moderate, Aggressive to Very Aggressive

Flowmaster mufflers are categorized according to EXTERIOR SOUND LEVELS and the INTERIOR RESONANCE. To tell what Flowmaster is best for your car, you need to know what the muffler will do for you:

  • Either boost your car's sound and horsepower levels at the cost of fuel economy
  • Make your car much quieter and significantly more fuel efficient at the cost of horsepower levels
  • Provide the perfect balance between power, sound, and fuel economy

How to tell what Flowmaster fits your car depends on your particular application. As you may know, Flowmaster makes two main different types of performance mufflers:

  • Street mufflers and Racetrack mufflers


Tip: One way to know what muffler is the right one for your car is to check your owner's manual. The manual should provide guidelines regarding the best type of muffler for your vehicle.


The answer depends on the specific type of exhaust your vehicle runs on. A single exhaust vehicle needs a single muffler. And if you're running a dual (or double) exhaust rig, then you need a double Flowmaster muffler. Your owner's manual is your best pal in a situation where you're not quite sure whether it's a single or a dual configuration.

Single exhaust systems are the standard for most of today's cars and are slightly cheaper than dual exhaust systems. Plus, most cars do not need a second exhaust for daily driving. Hardcore car enthusiasts and muscle car owners, however, do prefer dual exhaust systems running two mufflers.

Tip: Before purchasing a muffler, make sure that you're receiving the complete manufacturer warranty with it and that the price is not artificially inflated by the dealer! You might already have noticed that the prices of the Flowmaster mufflers we carry are the lowest you've seen online. That's because we are an official Flowmaster dealer and have a strict price match policy that is customer oriented. See for yourself>>


If one has to describe a sophisticated automotive technology in simple terms, then we need to clarify what a muffler does by definition. A muffler is a part of an exhaust system that minimizes the noise that your engine produces, while reducing backpressure for a more powerful wave and improved performance. The more the backpressure, the less effective your engine is.

A Flowmaster muffler uses a combination of chambers, perforated tubes, and special sound reducing technology to deliver a deep, satisfying exhaust sound, while decreasing backpressure. The result is an instantaneous horsepower increase, faster acceleration, and better fuel mileage.

Most exhaust system mufflers feature an inlet and an outer valve, a housing for the valves, and a resonant chamber. The catalytic converter flows the exhaust gas from the inlet valve out into the housing. As the gas moves through the exhaust system, it produces sound waves as it enters the muffler. The muffler's resonance chamber design then cancels out each wave, thereby minimizing the sound output.

The muffler of your vehicle is connected directly to the exhaust pipe and to the tail pipe. Cars have their mufflers installed lengthwise under the vehicle in order to guide the exhaust flow backward at the rear or to the section located before the rear wheels.

Most mufflers feature a stainless steel, aluminized mild steel, or aluminum construction. The more durable material of the three is the stainless steel, which can withstand up to a decade of beating. Flowmaster designs, develops, and manufactures them all.

The easiest way to choose the right one is to shop by vehicle, selecting your year, make and model.

Make sure to check out our extensive selection of different series mufflers from Flowmaster available at the lowest prices in America, full manufacturer warranty, and instant shipping!

If you're not absolutely sure how to tell what Flowmaster fits your car, just call our Flowmaster-savvy professionals at 1-800-276-7566.

Most Flowmaster parts and accessories are designed versatile enough to fit tons of performance applications (such as the Laminar Series Laminar, Pro and DBX series, Flow Mufflers). Whether it is for the street or racetrack, you can be sure that you're going to find the right Flowmaster exhaust system, kit, or muffler with that “perfect fit” everybody is looking for.

And don't worry - we will do all the math for you and help you choose the perfect component for your specific ride!

flowmaster mufflers vehicle fitment


1. You can see what Flowmaster muffler will fit your car by selecting your MAKE, YEAR, and MODEL. Go through the results and choose your right muffler.

2. Ask us! Our professionals will tell you what Flowmaster muffler fits your car, truck or SUV and answer any additional questions you may have about Flowmaster exhaust technology and fitment.

flowmaster mufflers vehicle fitment


2.50" 150 - 200 2.50" Up to 400
3.00" 200 - 250 3.00" Up to 500
3.50" 250 - 350 3.50" Up to 700
4.00" 350 - 425 4.00" Up to 850
4.50" 425 - 500 4.50" Up to 1000
50" 500 and over

Flowmaster mufflers for cars, tow vehicles, full-size trucks, large SUVs and RVs

As already mentioned, what Flowmaster muffler will fit your street ride (or is more suitable for your specific street application) depends on the EXTERIOR SOUND LEVELS and the INTERIOR RESONANCE you're after:

Flowmaster mufflers providing mild-stock exterior sound and mild interior resonance:

Flowmaster mufflers with moderate exterior sound and minimal interior resonance:

Flowmaster mufflers with aggressive exterior sound and noticeable interior resonance:

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