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Installing high-quality lights on a car promotes optimized visibility and the safe travel of your automobile, your passenger, and other drivers on the road. At TDot Performance, we carry a wide selection of lighting products to meet all of your vehicle’s lighting needs. Our store carries Headlights, HID Kits, LED Lights, Tail Lights, Light Covers, Off-Road Lights, Replacement Bulbs, and all other Car Lighting Accessories to improve your vehicle's overall appearance, safety when working or taking a late-night drive, and functionality. Select TDot Performance for Canada’s most affordable prices on all your lighting needs. Our store provides free shipping and no brokerage fees or duties. We carry more vehicle products than listed on our website so if you can't find the automobile lights you are looking for, give us a call and our store’s customer services will assist you in selecting the proper fit for your car or truck!


Not only are your automotive lights important for vehicle and passenger safety when driving, but they also play a role in other things as well. Most notably, selecting good, working automobile lights is necessary, especially in situations where you need to work in the dark while on the go. Besides illuminating services, other lighting solutions change the way your ride looks and help in ensuring your truck, passenger car, or SUV has the best overall appearance. Choosing the light option that best fits your vehicle is important. Today’s fast-growing market has numerous types and sizes of automotive lights available for you to select and add to your vehicle. Learning more about your options ensures it's easier to choose the right one for your vehicle. Here are some of your choices.


To ensure outstanding illumination and superb lighting services, standard vehicle headlights use different cutting-edge design technologies that range from halo designs to CCFL technology and beyond. Automotive manufacturers carefully design new driving lights that precisely fit specific automobile needs and are usually easy to install. With a plug-and-play design, users simply remove their old car lights and attach the new ones for an easy change. These automobile lights are encased in a weather-tight case that appropriately fits today’s standards for protection against the elements. Today's vehicle headlights are well-engineered to provide brighter, stronger, and larger beam sizes that light up the night. What’s more, passenger car, truck, and SUV headlights are usually backed by a lengthy warranty to guarantee long-lasting services.

HID Kits

Modern HID car lighting kits produce a different kind of light while still delivering the performance you can rely on. The HID kit that best fits your vehicle generates a light that is very similar to natural daylight and services 200 percent more illumination than standard halogen headlight lamps. Selecting these lights will not only help illuminate the night better for vehicle and passenger safety, but they also reflect road markings and road signs better than other lights. While producing more light than halogen car lights, HID lighting consumes less energy thus helping your car, truck, or SUV conserve more fuel. What’s more, HID car lights don't use fragile filaments that are evident in halogen automobile lights. With these integrated, you can ensure that the lights on a car would be more durable and last longer.


Selecting taillights that best fit your vehicle is essential not just for you and your passengers but also for other vehicles. Taillights allow necessary communication so that other motorists learn what your vehicle is doing and be kept aware of what it is planning to do. These automobile lights will also service your passenger car, truck, or SUV by helping add a unique look to your vehicle. There are many different designs and size options available to choose from. The broad selection of taillights fits various automobile needs as it ranges from LED Escalade-style designs to angular, futuristic designs. These car lighting solutions will be housed in weather-tight cases and are easy to install thanks to a plug-and-play design that is similar to headlights. What’s more, these car lights also come with an extensive lengthy warranty to certify longevity.

Off-Road Lights

Off-road lights are used when your vehicle is heading into the woods, conquering demanding trails, and venturing into harsh terrain. Installation of off-road lights guarantees that the additional lighting power your truck needs is granted. Whether it be for work purposes, weekend escapades, or just for simply seeing more clearly while you drive, the installation of off-road lights promotes a safer experience for both the vehicle and its passengers. Off-road automobile lights are available in numerous designs including flood lights, high-powered LEDs, halogens, and more. To ensure an excellent fit and optimized service, they often mount to the top or the front end of a truck and are adjustable in terms of the angle they point at.

LED Lights

LED lights are used for a variety of car applications including running lights, turn signals, and more. The installation of LED lights generally provides a good way to add accents or highlights to your vehicle. To properly fit and service a specific application, LED lights on a car come in various sizes and configurations to choose from and some are even available in different colors. Some variations are extremely practical options for the safety of a vehicle and its passengers. Select LED fog lights and dome lights for energy-efficient options that are worth adding on a car.

Car Lighting Components in Canada

When you begin shopping for automotive lights, the key factors to consider are style, size, and compatibility. Look for car lights that match your style and taste, and then take a second to ensure that the ones you choose are available in a size that fits your vehicle. Canadian drivers select TDot Performance as the go-to store for premium car lighting solutions along with other superb vehicle parts and accessories that change the way they drive. Our store is an authorized dealer of the most renowned manufacturers like Hella, Weathertech, Anzo, Go Rhino, and Vision Wheel. As a verified vendor, all the automobile lights and any other products you select to purchase from our online store come with the official manufacturer’s warranty. If you have further questions or need assistance in selecting car lights with the right fit, our store’s customer service has your back. Learn more about car lighting components and aftermarket solutions by contacting us at 1-800-276-7566. Our team of experts will be glad to help you choose the ideal upgrade that fits your passenger car, truck, or SUV!