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Significantly enhance visibility on dark roads and unpredictable terrain by installing brand new vehicle auxiliary lights. Regardless if you drive a car, truck or SUV, TDot Performance offers a large collection of auxiliary lights to suit your specific needs. As Canada's top retailer, we guarantee that our auto auxiliary lights produce a safer and more comfortable driving experience coupled with a cost-efficient price.

Auxiliary Lights

Auxiliary lights are driving, fog lights or lamps which are purchased to perform along with standard headlights to help drivers see in specific conditions. Whether you are replacing a burnt out bulb or improving the safety of a vehicle, having high quality lights is important.

SUVs, trucks and jeeps can have a range of auxiliary lights including light bars that can be mounted either on the bumper or on the roof of the vehicle. HID lights are often fitted to SUVs that go off-road. Driving off-road, especially at night, is tough on the driver as he or she has to watch out for rocks and turns; good lighting makes it easier for the driver.

Many vehicles do not have fog lights as standard fitments; however, they are commonly added to jeeps, trucks and SUVs. The lights are used at low speeds to increase visibility in inclement weather such as falling snow, heavy rain or fog.

There are three main types of vehicle light bulbs. Halogen is standard on many vehicles, but xenon and LED bulbs are becoming more popular. Halogen bulbs are made of glass, have a long life, give good illumination, but are not energy efficient and get very hot. LED bulbs have a long life because they have no filament to burn out and are very energy efficient, but they are expensive. Xenon bulbs have a longer life than halogens, are energy efficient and create better visibility, but they also create a lot of glare and are expensive.

Off-road lights are specially designed for cars that are to be used to drive across rough terrain. If you want to go off road and avoid being stranded with a broken axle then selecting the right lighting is important. A powerful set of off-road lights will enable you to tackle any terrain at night in safety.

There are many different types of off-road lights available so if you want to discuss your requirements our staff will be happy to help you choose the right set for you. Give our customer representatives a call today at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email using the address