If you're looking to replace broken or low-quality stock headlights, then you've come to the right place. TDot Performance is Canada's most trusted retailer when it comes to the most innovative aftermarket headlights. Regardless if you drive a car or truck, our headlights will make certain that the ideal illumination and a safer driving experience are generated.


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Headlights are an important safety feature on any car. Headlights are standard on all cars, but drivers may want to upgrade the quality of their headlights, replace broken headlights or simply change them for aesthetic reasons.

Headlights are divided into two main categories - sealed or composite beam. With composite headlights the bulbs can be replaced as needed. Sealed beam headlights on the other hand have to be replaced in their entirety when a bulb is burnt out. Car headlights can use either projector or reflector technology. A reflector headlight has a small light source that is surrounded by a reflective curved housing which magnifies the light as it leaves the lens. Reflector headlights are effective, but they also scatter some of the light, which results in a loss of intensity. A projector headlight refocuses reflected light and re-directs it though a lens. This creates a more concentrated light beam which is brighter than that produced by a reflector headlight. Projector headlights also have a more stylish appearance.

All headlights have high and low beams. This is sometimes achieved by having a single bulb with two filaments. Other types of headlights have two separate bulbs. Halogen bulbs are traditional glass bulbs with a filament. These are filed with a mixture of gases such as iodine or bromine and nitrogen and argon. High intensity discharge headlights or xenon headlights contain xenon. This gives the light a blue sheen. These bulbs do not need a filament. These bulbs create light more efficiently and they produce a much brighter beam than halogen bulbs. LED headlights consist of several small light sources. The LED bulbs are small so they can be arranged in various patterns within the headlamp. This can create a more striking appearance. On the other hand they are more expensive than the standard halogen bulbs.

Whether you are in the market for LED, xenon, reflector, or projector headlights, TDot Performance has it all. We offer the highest quality brands such as Hella, Anzo, and many more.

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