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TDot Performance offers the best selection of Light Covers and other Lighting.

Choosing the perfect light covers for your vehicle

If you love off-roading, you know how thrilling the experience can be. However, it also means that you expose your vehicle to branches and rocks that can wreak havoc with your vehicle's headlights and taillights. This hazard can leave unsightly scratch marks on the lights, and in the worst case scenario, the rocks and branches can crack the casing. However, with light covers, you no longer have to worry, as they can offer your SUV's lights the protection they need and deserve.

Light covers for ultimate protection

At TDot Performance, you can get the largest collection of light covers in Canada. These covers, besides offering protection to the vehicle, also give your SUV a sturdier and more tenacious appearance. It will look as though your SUV is ready to conquer any kind of terrain when you go off-roading.

At TDot Performance, you can get urethane films that offer protection like never before. A good example is the Husky Liners Shield Headlite Guards that protect the headlights, not just from airborne sand, small road debris and salt, but also from the elements. The film can also protect the headlights from UV rays, which are notorious for making lights hazy and yellow. These urethane films are resistant to impact and reduce the possibility of cracking and pitting.

Alternatively, you can opt for an WeatherTech's Lampgard Headlight Protector. This light cover offers the same protection as a urethane film, but the protection is more comprehensive. You can rest assured knowing that the installation process is quick and simple, and the light covers will fit your vehicle's headlights and taillights seamlessly.

Finding the best light covers

Come and check the different kinds of light covers and light guards we have to offer. TDot Performance boasts one of the largest selections of light covers as well as light guards, at the lowest prices in Canada. You can enjoy free shipping and never have to contend with brokerage fees and custom duty. In addition, TDot Performance is an authorized retailer for the products the site carries, so you also enjoy manufacturer's warranty for the light covers and light guards you purchase from TDot Performance.

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