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Why you need Off-Road Lights

Off-Road lights are essential on any off-road adventure. When you're having fun out in the brush, time can sometimes fly. Every seasoned off-roader knows that driving off-road at night can be extremely dangerous. You could end up getting stuck in water or possibly running over a sharp object that could damage your exhaust or suspension. This is why having powerful off-road lights is so important. Off-road lights help keep you safe and protected from huge mechanic's bills.

Rigid Industries vs. PIAA

If you're looking for premium quality off-road lights, then look no further than these two brands. TDot Performance carries the widest selection of both PIAA and RIgid Industries off-road lights in Canada. It's truly difficult to distinguish between these two great brands. Both brands come in a variety of styles and colors, with fitments available for just about every off-road vehicle. Both brands are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. Which brand you choose is a matter of personal preference. We can tell you with confidence that you won't be disappointed with whichever one you choose!

Off-Road Lights in Canada

TDot Performance carries the widest selection of off-road lights in Canada. We guarantee the lowest prices and free shipping on every order. TDot Performance carries all leading off-road lighting brands including Rigid Industries, PIAA, Anzo, N-Fab, Westin Automotive, Smittybilt, and more! Because we are a Canadian company, you will never be charged any customs duties or brokerage fees on any order. If you have any questions about our off-road lighting products, please give us a call at 1-800-276-7566.

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