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Why are your Tail Lights important?

When people consider their automotive lighting, it's the headlights that usually get the most attention. But really, making your vehicle look great and stand out relies just as much on your tail lights. Since they'll be seen longer and by more people, it makes sense that taking the time to add custom tail lights to your vehicle is important. There are plenty of different options, and making sure that you choose the right set is something you should take seriously.

Things To Consider When Choosing Tail Lights

There are numerous different tail light choices, and finding the one that is a perfect fit for your truck, car, or SUV could take time. There are a few different things you'll want to pay close attention to when making the decision. Doing so will help you get a set of tail lights you're completely satisfied with.

Bulb Type

In general, there are two main options in terms of the kind of bulbs used in tail lights.

  • Halogen - Standard halogen bulbs are the less expensive option, and are usually the factory installed type of bulb. They produce decent light and will last for a long period of time before needing to be replaced.
  • LED – LED lights have risen in popularity considerably. While they cost a small bit more up front, they will last much longer and generate much cleaner, crisper light than halogen bulbs will while drawing less energy.


The color of the bulb has no real impact on the tail light you place on your vehicle – unless you use LED. Instead, you'll need to look at the color design of the case. While red will usually be a major part of the design, the cases holding the lights are often available with black, smoke, carbon, and other color options along with the red. In the case of LED lights, the lights themselves could light up in red while the rest of the light is another color. This means that you can get a unique look standard lights won't provide.


The shape, style, and design of taillights varies greatly, and is where the hardest decision will come in for many people. Look at the shape and the style of different options and see if you can find an example of them on a vehicle. In some cases, the LED lights may be arranged in a design that helps them stand out even more, while in others it will be the case that provides most of the flair. While color and bulb type will matter as well, this is the option that will have the biggest impact on the appearance of your vehicle.


Finally, look at the price of the tail lights you're considering. While there are numerous lights that are inexpensive, the more stylish kits will obviously cost more. LED lights will usually be the most expensive, but will need to be replaced and maintained far less often, a fact that makes the higher initial cost worth it to most.