Bestop TrailMax II Sport Seat

Bestop TrailMax II Sport Seat

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  • Bestop TrailMax II Sport Seat

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When you are intensively driving on the trail, you will inevitably face some problems with your off-road vehicle. Just like all other components of your Jeep, the seats may become damaged as well. If you need to replace your old shabby seats, but you also want to increase your driving convenience and style, then don't worry! Now there is a perfect solution for you - and this is the Bestop TrailMax II Sport Seats.

The Sport model is the middle-level TrailMax II replacement Jeep seat of the Bestop Company. The Sport Seats come packaged with a rotary recliner dial. This dial allows you to adjust the seat back angle. This means you are able to sit straight up or lean way back - in other words you can drive the way you feel most comfortably. The Bestop TrailMax II Sport Seats also contain integrated bucket-style fixed headrests. These headrests provide you with extra support and more convenient driving experience, especially when you are driving on a bad road.

Similarly to all other Bestop's TrailMax II Jeep Seats, the Sport Seats are custom created to take the place of your factory seats. But, please, keep in mind that you will need an adapter bracket for the installation. The Bestop TrailMax II Sport Seats are available with a durable Atlas frame, closed cell foam padding with high thickness and variable rate springs. The Atlas Frame is very solid. This frame is also well protected from corrosion. The closed-cell foam with high thickness is both delicate and durable. The foam will no harm your body, but at the same time it will maintain its form as well. The variable rate springs will provide you with some strong support on the trail, but at the same time you will receive delicate convenience on the street. This is why you get maximum comfort and endurance with the TrailMax II Sport Seats.

The Bestop TrailMax II Sport Seats are sold individually. This means you can either enjoy the convenience alone or you can share it with your passenger. These Sport Seats are offered in a large range of vinyl and fabric options. In other words, you may select sturdy fabric or vinyl upholstery, which is well protected from mildew. You are also able to choose from a lot of factory-match colors. The Bestop TrailMax II Sport Seats are provided with a 1-year warranty.

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