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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG otherwise known as BMW is a well-regarded manufacturer of luxury cars, SUVs and, motorcycles. The BMW brand integrates excellent craftsmanship and the most advanced technology to engineer top-level vehicles that emphasize a more precise and pleasurable driving experience. Produced in countries all over the globe such as Germany, Brazil, and the United Kingdom, BMW has a huge collection of incredibly stylish rides which include the inimitable Z4, the X3 Crossover SUV, and the compact 328i. All of these vehicles showcase an incomparable personality and reliable performance. In order to unlock the full potential of their BMWs, the modern driver incorporates innovative automotive aftermarket parts and accessories to replace stock components.

When you have a high-quality vehicle, you need high-quality parts. Whether you are looking for brakes, cooling systems, engine components, filters or turbochargers, TDot Performance has everything you need to ensure that your BMW vehicle performs at the peak of its capabilities. It makes sense to invest in reputable and recommended BMW parts to maintain your vehicle in the best possible condition.

BMW accessories ensure that your vehicle looks great

At TDot Performance, we guarantee the best prices for the latest BMW parts and accessories. We promote a smoother and more comfortable vehicle handling through our huge collection of engine components, fuel systems, air filters, air intake systems, and exhaust systems. We offer high-quality suspension systems and performance chips which let the BMW effortlessly adapt to any driving condition. We also have brake rotors, brake pads, and complete brake kits to improve your ride’s stoppage efficiency. TDot Performance improves BMW’s functionality and aesthetics through outstanding exterior accessories like spoilers, bike racks, and chrome trims. On the other hand, interior accessories such as floor mats, seat covers and cargo liners, which protect your vehicle and leave it looking great. Furthermore, we also carry lighting components like headlights and LED lights to effectively enhance visibility during night drives.

TDot Performance is a well-regarded and proudly Canadian aftermarket component dealer. Trusted by the most prestigious aftermarket brands such as Brembo, Hella, and Flowmaster, we offer the car enthusiast all the parts and accessories they will ever need to maximize their BMW’s performance. When you buy your BMW Parts from us, we guarantee there are no hidden fees and every warranty bestowed by the original manufacturer is honored.