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Air Lift was founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of premium air spring suspension products. This family-owned and operated company makes the utmost effort to ensure your ride is as level, safe, and comfortable as possible. The company can trace its commitment to quality and performance back to its racing roots. Since its founding, Air Lift products have been engineered to be used by nearly every stock racing team in the world. Vehicles outfitted with Air Lift products were provided with consistent support, resulting in them becoming top competitors on the NASCAR circuit. TDot Performance is proud to carry all Air Lift products at the lowest prices in Canada. As we are an authorized Air Lift retailer, our customers enjoy the full protection of the manufacturer's official product warranty. Most importantly, when you order your new Air Lift Springs from us, you pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees

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Air Lift Air Springs are the only suspension products that are able to provide both leveling capacity and improved ride comfort. Most drivers turn to traditional steel springs when seeking to increase load support and improve towing efficiency. Unfortunately, steel springs add stiffness to your vehicle's suspension, resulting in uncomfortable ride quality on the road when driving without towing a heavy load. On the other hand, installing a load-assist rubber jounce bumper will give your vehicle added load support. However, this solution makes riding uncomfortable when driving on rough roads.

The best solution to this problem is Air Lift's high-quality Air Springs! Only Air Lift Air Suspensions can provide your vehicle with adjustable load support tailored to fit the specific load your vehicle is hauling. Towing or hauling a full load? Add air to ensure your vehicle is level while carrying passengers or equipment. Riding with light or no load? Deflate the air springs for improved safety and a more comfortable ride quality. The ability to adjust the air level to fit your hauling needs ensures that your ride is as comfortable as possible, whether you are driving with or without a load.

Air Lift carries different air spring kits in its lineup to meet everyone's load-hauling needs and price requirements. From the economically priced yet dependable Slam Air Kit, to the premium Load Lifter 5000, Air Lift carries the ideal product engineered to meet specific individual needs precisely. These air spring kits' durable and performance-centered design emphasizes safety and practicality, whether you're hauling, towing, or looking for a smoother ride quality. Upgrade with a new Air Lift Air Spring Kit today and enjoy outstanding load support, smooth towing, a level ride, adjustable air pressure, increased safety, and long-lasting comfort.


  • Most Competitive Lifetime Warranty on the Market
  • Family-Owned and Operated Business That Understands Your Needs
  • Exceptional Driving Safety and Comfort
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Ensuring the Highest Quality
  • Wide Range of Products for Various Needs and at Various Price Points
  • Fits Over 543 Different Vehicles
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation; No Drilling Required


TDot Performance is an authorized, proudly Canadian retailer of all Air Lift products. Our shop carries the latest suspension and performance upgrades in Air Lift's collection, from their high-quality air springs to their comprehensive air suspension kits and bolt-on replacement kits for lowered vehicles. Besides the most innovative Air Lift products, customers enjoy full protection thanks to the manufacturer's warranty while paying the lowest prices in Canada. We guarantee that you won't find better deal offers for Air Lift performance products anywhere else in Canada.

TDot Performance is a verified dealer of the latest Air Lift performance and suspension products, and we guarantee that all the items you buy from us are 100% authentic and in mint condition upon shipment. What's more, when you buy your Air Lift products from us, you pay no shipping, customs, duties, or brokerage fees. For customers who need assistance in finding the ideal load support for their vehicle model, feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-800-276-7566.