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TDOT Performance is an authorized retailer of Auto Meter products in Canada. Our customers pay no customs, duties, or border fees. All Auto Meter Custom Gauges kits come with free shipping and our lowest price guarantee!

Auto Meter

From its beginnings back in 1957, when founder Vern Westberg used sand castings in his backyard and put components together at night, Auto Meter has developed into a company that custom car enthusiasts can trust. Professional drivers, sportspeople, and custom car fans across the globe use its game-changing products.

Custom Gauges and accessories

In Auto Meter's Custom Gauges and Accessories range, there are Auto Meter Pillar Pods that provide a level of fit you would expect from factory originals and they won’t disturb your vision during a drive. There are also Auto Meter Auto Gages to add an understated element of cool to your car's interior and Auto Meter Sending Units to ensure that you always get an accurate set of readings.

Battery accessories

To keep your car in shape, there are Battery accessories such as the Auto Meter Battery Testers and Auto Meter Battery Chargers. Manufactured for use in the most testing environments, these offer a professional standard of service and a fast charge on virtually any battery.


Auxiliary Lighting is always popular with aftermarket enthusiasts, so why not upgrade your current setup with Auto Meter Digital Pro Shift Lights or the Auto Meter Stack Warning Lights? These keep you alert to conditions on the road and let you monitor the performance of your vehicle.


When your cooling system needs attention, look no further than our Auto Meter Cooling Parts. We have Auto Meter Temperature Sender Fittings to repair or adapt your system, and Auto Meter Dedenbear Water Pumps, which are among the smallest and lightest on the market. Good equipment lasts a lifetime, so when you need reliable Tire Gauges & Inflators, our Auto Meter Tire Pressure Gauges will deliver accurate measurements over years of repeated use.

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