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Backrack have been operating since 1988 and the company aims to provide the best standard of Backrack truck racks possible. The firm is immensely proud of maintaining all design and production work in-house, which means that everything bearing their name has their own personal seal of approval.

Add some peace of mind to your trip

It is not always possible to combine style and functionality but this is exactly what the original Backrack product provides. When you need to store cargo and equipment safely and effectively, you will find that this simple solution allows you to get packed up in seconds while still being confident that everything will remain where it should during your journey. The low profile nature of the design provides more flexibility than a standard ladder rack would offer, making it easier to get parked or take certain driving routes.

Safety should be a priority

There is never a bad time to add more safety to your activities and the safety rack provided by Backrack offers that extra comfort and peace of mind for companies, drivers and motorists. Improving cab safety and security without compromising on driving capabilities is important and this product range will help you to keep on moving without worries or concerns.

Backrack accessories make life easier

There is a broad range of Backrack accessories, allowing you to customise your vehicle. With side rails, accessory mounts and options to secure your toolbox, it is possible to store everything that you need in a secure and reliable manner.

Get the very best truck rack solutions

Anyone looking to add the very best Backrack solutions to their truck or vehicle should get in touch with TDot Performance. Orders can be placed online and we can be contacted by phone or email at all times, so get in touch.


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