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Backrack is well-renowned for its top-quality pickup truck protection racks. These safety truck racks and cab protectors give you peace of mind when hauling gear in your pickup’s bed while allowing the easy installation of tonneau covers and ladder racks. Backrack’s vast selection of cab guards obtained a high rating among drivers as they ensure not only the proper protection for your vehicle and its occupants but also a sleek appearance upgrade that is compatible with your truck’s overall aesthetic. From stainless steel exhaust systems to fifth-wheel hitches to winter tires, TDot Performance is the complete website that provides all the items and products the modern Canadian driver needs to optimize their car or truck. All the headache racks and other innovative items by Backrack are available to be delivered to your location. You’ll surely save a huge amount of money when you choose TDot Performance as we guarantee the lowest price in all of Canada.
<h1 style="margin:1.5% 0;"><strong>Backrack</strong></h1> <p>Backrack has been operating since 1988 and the company aims to provide the best standard of <a href="">Backrack truck racks</a> as possible. The firm is immensely proud of maintaining all design and production work in-house, which means that everything bearing their name has its seal of approval. Integrating the most innovative technologies such as the latest in CAD design, Backrack headache racks certify full satisfaction. The company’s experts reliably add, rate, and review Backrack cab guards, side rails, brackets, and other items on their own trucks so you can rest assured that all their items accommodate today’s high standards.</p> <h2 style="margin:1.5% 0;"><strong>Add some peace of mind to your trip</strong></h2> <p>It is not always possible to combine style and functionality but this is exactly what the original Backrack product provides. When you need to store cargo and equipment safely and effectively, you will find that this simple solution allows you to get packed up in seconds while still being confident that everything will remain where it should during your journey. One of the items that should be on anyone’s wish list, Backrack's original headache racks install to existing stake pockets at the front of the truck bed to protect your cab from potential damage caused by heavy cargo that may shift forward. Garnering an esteemed rating from the automotive industry, these headache racks are not only practical and robust but also add a more rugged look when you install them and will never hide or compromise visibility from the rear cab window. The low-profile nature of these truck headache rack’s design provides more flexibility than a standard ladder rack would offer. This low-profile design makes it easier to get parked under garages or take certain driving routes. As a bonus, truck drivers can also add these headache racks with certain tonneau covers for the complete truck cab and bed protection.</p> <h2 style="margin:1.5% 0;"><strong>Safety should be a priority</strong></h2> <p>There is never a bad time to add more safety to your activities and the original truck safety racks provided by Backrack offer that extra comfort and peace of mind for companies, drivers, and motorists. Driving a truck across harsh environments already provides ample headache for the Canadian driver. Doing so with a full cargo load on the truck bed adds further worries as a damaged cab and driver injuries are all possible due to the cab being exposed. Backrack’s truck headache racks incorporate a tough, 12-gauge steel construction so you can rest assured they can prevent truck cab damages due to heavy load while maintaining cargo stability. Improving cab safety and security without compromising driving capabilities is important and this product range will help you to keep on moving without worries or concerns.</p> <h2 style="margin:1.5% 0;"><strong>Backrack accessories make life easier</strong></h2> <p>Besides their original and exceptional headache racks, Backrack’s profile also features a huge list of products that emphasize a safer and more comfortable driving experience with your truck. Their account includes a broad range of <a href="">Backrack accessories</a>, that allow you to customize the Backrack headache rack on your vehicle. With side rails, accessory mounts, and options to secure your toolbox, it is possible to store everything that you need securely and reliably.</p> <h2 style="margin:1.5% 0;"><strong>Get the very best truck rack solutions</strong></h2> <p>Anyone looking to add the very best Backrack solutions to their truck or vehicle should get in touch with <a href="">TDot Performance</a>. We are an authorized dealer of Backrack and many other renowned brands so you can rest assured of 100% authentic products and the best prices in all of Canada. At TDot Performance, we prioritize taking care of our customers and giving them the best deals for their hard-earned money. We will never add or hide any miscellaneous charges nor will we charge you for customs, duties, or brokerage fees. The price you see on our website is the exact price that you pay. Orders can be placed online and we guarantee a fast delivery rate to your location in super quick time from the date of purchase. Check the ratings and reviews from Canadian drivers on the internet and you’ll find that there’s not an authorized online account that can compare with the complete collection and excellent price of our shop!</p> <p>Thanks to TDot Performance, shopping for a new Backrack headache rack or any other vehicle product from your phone or laptop’s screen has never been easier. Our website emphasizes accessibility and a user-friendly interface that lets users effortlessly search, sort, review, and add items to their list of products to purchase. Our store accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard, and any other international credit card and payment systems. If you’re looking to save money with a further lower price, be sure to create an account at our website to remain up-to-date on promos and regular price discounts. For further questions regarding the Backrack headache rack or any other items on our website, we can be contacted by phone or email at all times, so get in touch with us at 1-800-276-7566 or We guarantee a five-stars rating customer service that will be more than happy to help you compare, add, and find the best products that fit your truck’s specifics and your price range.</p>

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