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Gale Banks was tearing down his grandmother's Model T at the age of 14. Ever since, he's been obsessed with engines. Gale has been in the engine business since the 50's and he takes his expertise to you with Banks Power. Banks Power has been in business for years and sells just about every product you can think of that concerns adding horsepower and performance to your engine. If you are looking to elevate the functionality of your vehicle, then you landed on the right page.

Let Your Engine Breathe

Banks knows that an engine with plenty of oxygen is a powerful engine. That is why they sell the market's best air intakes. These Banks air intakes ensure that cold, dense, oxygen-rich air is reaching your car’s cylinders to make for a powerful explosion and rise in horsepower. The Banks Cold Air Intake doesn’t just improve intake flow but they make certain you obtain high intake density so benefits are maximized. If you’re really looking to crank it up, Banks’ powerful Turbo Chargers will actively condense air before it goes into your engine. Whether you drive a Jeep Wrangler or a Ford 7.3L Truck, Banks Turbo Kits are engineered in huge variation to ensure a precise performance solution. Also available is a full line of Banks high-flow exhaust systems to allow you to efficiently reduce back pressure.

Tune Your Engine For Performance

Your stock car's engine is programmed not to work as well as it can. But you can unleash your vehicle's true power with Banks products. First, chip your vehicle by changing the way the ECU works. Your car can have an instant boost in performance with a software change. Then you can change how your fuel system works with fuel injection and engine management. Top quality Banks Programmers and Tuners suitably calibrate the fuel delivery of both gas and diesel trucks for a quick power boost. These programmers allow the easy monitoring of fundamental engine functions and provide service technician diagnostic capabilities.


Of course, you are going to want to be safe. All that power needs powerful braking, and Banks sells that, too. If you want more power in your engine, good looks and capability, then Banks is the manufacturer for you. And we carry their full line.

Unlock Your Vehicle’s Full Potential

Banks establishes the ultimate performance upgrade with their Banks PowerPack Systems. Built for demanding work yet efficient for daily driving, this system bestows horsepower and torque gains while improving fuel economy and engine functionality. The PowerPack saves you all the trouble as it includes all the high quality upgrades you need in one convenient bundle. The package typically comes with an air intake, exhaust and electronic programmer. Depending on the specific configuration chosen, turbo components, gauges and boost tubes may also be included.

Banks Power in Canada

Since their inception over 50 years ago, Banks Power has reached multiple honorable milestones. Being the only power-enhancing company to serve the diesel and gas powered trucks and also become the leading source for U.S Navy Seal action boats. Products ranging from Banks exhaust systems, intercoolers, tuners and programmers, cold air intakes and even turbo upgrades, you name it. Their broad scope of products entails the unshaken experience they have when it comes to performance enhancement. Banks' reliability in the market speaks for itself. Banks Power remains the sole company to have records in both automobile and truck segments.

Give TDot Performance a call so that we can situate you with the right Banks parts and accessories. You'll enjoy free shipping within Canada and no customs, duties, or border fees. What's more, we guarantee the lowest prices in Canada on all Banks Power products. So, what are you waiting for? Get tuning today!