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Battery Tender

Battery Tender has been operating since 1965 and the company is well known for providing a fantastic range of Battery Tender battery-related products. The firm is committed to facilitating power in a range of conventional and unconventional ways. When it comes to staying powered up on and off the road, Battery Tender is the company to rely on.

Fit for all of your specialist battery needs

Alongside the standard Battery Tender battery chargers, there are specialist products, such as waterproof battery chargers, heavy-duty chargers and battery chargers aimed at specialist vehicles, such as golf cars. No matter what level of assistance you need from your charging equipment, Battery Tender is the company you can guarantee quality every time, no matter what your needs are.

Keep your batteries clean and in great condition

Battery Tender also understands the importance of keeping your batteries in great condition, and the firm provides a range of specialized cleaning products. The company provides a terminal cleaner spray aimed at ensuring there is no corrosive build up on your battery terminals. This helps to extend the life of your battery while boosting its power output.

Have power wherever you go

The firm has stayed at the cutting edge of technology, with USB adapters helping people to keep their mobile devices fully charged and operational. Anyone travelling knows the importance of staying in touch and having the ability to go online. Anyone heading off on a longer journey should invest in products that allow them to keep their communication devices fully charged.

Help for people who need to be in charge

The range of bank chargers provides a safe way to charge batteries, which is ideal for people who have a huge need for power and charging equipment. Take the stress out of finding the best battery charger products by contacting TDot Performance.