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BBK Performance Parts

BBK Performance Parts has been serving the industry since 1988. The company focuses on modern American muscle cars, using a team of skilled craftspeople to bring its specialty items to the open market.


Its Exhaust Systems include products such as the BBK X-Pipes, which add performance to vehicles that are already exceptional. We also stock a wide range of its Fuel Systems, from Throttle Bodies to Fuel Pumps, Fuel Injectors and Rails.


To change the shape and stance of your vehicle, we have Suspension Bushings, Coil Springs and Bump Stops. Use BBK Gripp Strut Tower Braces to rid your car of unwanted flex, or Control Arms to improve handling on even the most demanding roads.

Performance enhancement

Air Intake Systems such as the BBK Power Plus Series Intake Systems bolt on fast and provide a 20-plus horsepower lift under the bonnet. Not many people drive the car that they actually want straight off the forecourt, so we offer other BBK Engine Components to optimise different parts of your ride. For an out-of-the-box solution, the BBK Power Plus Underdrive Pulley Sets free up a further 8 to 15 horsepower without heating things up.

For a noticeably smoother gearbox during changes, fit the BBK Adjustable Clutch Cable, a heavy-duty replacement for standard factory parts. If something still doesn't feel right, hook your car up to a BBK Performance Air Intake & Tuner Kit to get right to the heart of the issue every time.

To keep everything running smoothly from the off, you need high-performance Ignition Boxes and Controllers. In this collection, we have BBK Varitime Timing Adjuster Kits; these CNC machined components can ramp up the torque and get your car to reach its maximum horsepower potential immediately.

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