Since 1970, BBS strives to become the top manufacturer of Performance Wheels and often supply's OEM Wheels to car makers such as BMW, AUDI, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and many more. BBS Wheels received Automechanika Innovation Award 2006 for Engineering Air Inside Technology which improves handling and fuel efficiency. BBS Wheels not only improve the performance of you vehicles but also give it a very stylish look.

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Featured Products


A German company with a long history in the racing industry, the BBS name will be forever associated with the most advanced wheel technology. Each product that leaves its factory has been created using the benefit of 35 years' experience in the trade, so if you are passionate about build quality and design, these are the wheels for you.

With long lattice-type spokes and a minimal central area, the lightweight BBS Wheels Ch-R Series Rims add a striking air of individuality to any vehicle. The refined shape delivers a racing car look that is matched only by the on-road performance.

Classic choice

A classic choice that incorporates a diamond cut rim and sports spokes, the BBS Wheels Lm Series Rims are manufactured using cutting-edge forging techniques. Available in Brilliant Silver, this motorsport-inspired wheel will even make driving to work a pleasure.

Other cool styles

Blending style and sportiness, the BBS Wheels Sr Series Rims are designed to include plenty of soft lines and curves. The contours make it easy to clean, and the spokes add the appearance of height. This is an excellent model for winter and summer cruising.

Produced using the age-old die forging process, the BBS Wheels Rs-Gt Series Rims have machine finished edges and fasteners strengthened with titanium. The double spoke design will upgrade your factory wheels immediately, creating a bolder, shinier and more polished finish.

The dynamic BBS Wheels Ch-R II Series Rims have thin spokes and a small central point. This two-piece wheel is decorated with a laser engraving that reads "Motorsport," and rim protectors crafted from stainless steel. Using technology from the racing world, these wheels are manufactured to provide a sublime performance at any speed.

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