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BedRug is a leading manufacturer of truck bed liners. The company is a subsidiary of THI Corp, which owns other premier truck accessory manufacturers like Extang, Truxedo, and Undercover. All BedRug liners are made from a recyclable TPO/polypropylene composite material (which is basically a type of plastic). This gives the liners a plush “carpet-like” appearance that is perfect for storing fragile cargo, while also being durable enough to handle the most rugged of items. TDOT Performance is proud to carry all BedRug products at the lowest prices in Canada. You pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees when you order from us.

Why buy Bedrug?

Bedrug is one of the world's leading bedliner companies, specializing in liners for truck beds, vans and general purpose mats. Coming in a number of varieties, we have broken down the selection below. Alternatively, view our selection of BedRug Vanrug's, BedRug Carpet Mats and BedRug TrackMats.

BedRug Comparison
BedRug Comparison
  • Drop-in Plastic Liner
  • Ease of Installation: Requires extensive drilling

  • Impact Resistance: Provides adequate protection against dents

  • Cargo Protection: Hard surface can damage fragile cargo

  • Comfort: Hard surface is rough on the knees

  • Skid Resistance: Slippery results in your cargo sliding around as you drive
  • Spray-in Liner
  • Ease of Installation: Must permanently alter truck bed by sanding it and applying solvent (hurting your resale value)

  • Impact Resistance: Provides little to no dent protection

  • Cargo Protection: Rough surface can damage fragile cargo

  • Comfort: Rough surface is extremely painful on the knees
  • Skid Resistance: Little to no skid resistance
  • BedRug Liner
  • Ease of Installation: Require no drilling or modification to your truck bed (leaving truck bed as good as new after removal of liner)

  • Impact Resistance: Thick, foam-like floor and side wall lining provides optimal impact resistance

  • Cargo Protection: Soft, foam-like floor and side wall lining protects fragile cargo

  • Comfort: Soft, foam-like surface offers optimal comfort when kneeling on your truck bed

  • Skid Resistance: Rubber-like finish prevents cargo from sliding around during driving