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Bestop is a manufacturer of premium truck and Jeep accessories. The company's official history spans more than 60 years. However, Bestop can trace its roots back even further than that. Company founder, Tom Bradley, first started manufacturing fabric tops for World War II Jeeps from his small shop in the 1940s. This was his way of supporting the war effort. Thanks to this rich history, Bestop is one of the most recognizable Jeep and truck accessory manufacturers in the world today. TDOT Performance is proud to carry all Bestop products at the lowest prices in Canada. When you order from us, you pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees.



The Bestop PowerBoard (pictured left)is a revolutionary running board product. This special running board hides underneath your vehicle when the doors are closed. However, when you open your doors, this Bestop Running Board conveniently pops out. This system allows you to maintain a sleek driving profile, while still letting you enjoy the convenience of a running board when you need it. The PowerBoard fits on both front and rear doors (driver and passenger sides).

Jeep Tops

Bestop invented the Jeep top over 60 years ago. So sterling is their reputation that Jeep entrusts them with manufacturing all of their factory tops. Bestop carries a variety of different top styles from soft tops, like Bestop Supertop NX and Trektop NX to all-weather hard tops such as the Sunrider to replacement fabric tops like Replace-A-Top. The Jeep Tops by Bestop emphasize a design that’s both good-looking and resilient. For instance, the Bestop Supertop incorporates a robust 28 oz multi-layer fabric with tinted side and rear windows to generate a rugged appearance.

Tonneau Covers

Bestop isn't just a factory manufacturer of Jeep tops. Truck makers trust them with their factory needs too. Bestop manufactures three types of tonneau covers: EZ Fold tri-fold cover, the EZ Roll roll-up cover, and the ZipRail that uses Bestop's patented BeltRail technology for easy fastening.

Pavement Ends

Pavement Ends is Bestop's budget line of products. Even though you are paying less for a Pavement Ends Jeep top, you are certainly not compromising on quality. Bestop's 60 years of engineering experience are leveraged in the design and manufacture of every single Pavement Ends product as well.


TDot Performance is proud to be an authorized dealer of Bestop products in Canada. Our customers are covered by the full manufacturer's warranty on all orders. What's more, when you order from us, you do not pay any shipping, customs, duties, or border fees. And of course, we guarantee the lowest prices in Canada on all Bestop and Pavement Ends products.