Competition camps also known as Comp Cams is the absolute leader in valve train technology. Comp camps focus in one camshafts, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms and related valve train parts. TDot Performance has some of the lowest prices with FREE Shipping in ALL Competition camps products with absolutely NO border fees.

Competition Cams

Competition Cams was formed over 35 years ago; its mission was to offer the best-performing parts to every customer and to continually research ways in which its systems could be improved. The company focuses primarily on the manufacture of camshafts and valvetrain items - some of the most complex parts in a modern engine.

Competition Cams Small Block Gen camshafts reduce the friction in an engine, cut down noise, and provide far more power than most brands. They are designed for maximum performance on the street and in race situations. The Competition Cams Big Block Gen camshafts are for people who want a more forceful street performance; they bump up an engine's RPM and have an impressively aggressive profile.

In performance cars, lifters play an important role in maintaining a steady engine performance. You can buy Mechanic Lifters or Hydraulic Lifters in the Competition Cams range, depending on what kind of engine you have and what you're trying to achieve.

Competition Cam Valve Springs

To control your engine's intake air and fuel with the utmost care, fit a set of Competition Cam Valve Springs. These hardworking items also manage the expulsion of exhaust gas, making them vital when you increase the revs of your engine. By choosing quality valves, you can be sure that they won't bounce open at the wrong time and result in you losing power, or worse still, sustaining damage to your engine.

Components manufactured with precision

Designed especially for use in performance engines and aftermarket cars, Competition Cam Rocker Arms and Pushrods ensure that the movement of valves is consistent, regardless of the strain that is put upon the engine. Using precisely manufactured components like these is particularly important if you are building or modifying a street performance engine with a huge rev rate.

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