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CURT is a leading manufacturer of hitches and towing accessories, operating in the trailer market since 1993. The first name in towing products, CURT makes over 1, 000 hitch models covering almost every non-commercial vehicle in America. The brand offers a complete line of receiver, 5th wheel, gooseneck, and distribution hitches for cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and commercial applications.

Whether it is a car, pickup truck, van or SUV, CURT Manufacturing has everything you need to equip your vehicle for serious towing. From trailer hitches, gooseneck hitches, and 5th wheel hitches to ball mounts, cargo carriers, and bike tracks, CURT has you covered. All custom-made for your specific application and manufactured in the USA!

Not sure which CURT product is right for your vehicle? Do not hesitate to give us a call or chat with one of our experts! We are here to help you find the right CURT hitch or towing accessory!

Trailer Hitches
CURT designs and manufactures trailer hitches for rear and front mounting as well as RV applications. They are made of robotically-welded, high-strength steel for high load capacity. CURT trailer hitches are built for the hard road and are custom-designed for a precise fit on your specific vehicle.

Ball Mounts
Practically every possible ball-mount design for every possible tow application! From gooseneck hitch ball mounts and adjustable tri-ball mounts to clevis pin mounts and Euro ball mounts, CURT is the first choice when prepping for high-demanding towing.

Trailer Balls
Before getting on the road, you need to be absolutely sure that each and every component in your trailer hitch system is strong and reliable. Here you can find every single CURT trailer ball ever manufactured. Designed to meet all US VESC specifications, CURT trailer balls are also available in three durable finishes and various shank sizes and weight capacities to stand up to everything you decide to tow!

Towing Accessories
As a brand specializing in top state-of-the-art towing products, CURT has one of the most comprehensive product lines of towing accessories available on the market. From pins, clips and hitch tube covers to tow hooks, wheel chocks, safety chains, and more! All custom made for your specific application and towing needs.

Towing Security
Secure your trailer, camping gear or bike rack with CURT towing security products. These include standard hitch pins, wheel chock locks, anti-rattle locks, 5th wheel kingpin locks, and all types of trailer locks. Check out our complete line of CURT hitch locks and coupler locks – everything you need to equip your vehicle for unprecedented security with simple yet effective solutions.
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Gooseneck Hitches
CURT created its best-selling gooseneck line with contractors, farmers, and the most challenging towing jobs in mind. These gooseneck hitches mount into the bed of your pickup truck using a special installation kit or set of brackets. They provide significantly higher towing capacity compared to other hitch types. CURT gooseneck hitches are preferred for their tighter turn radius capabilities as well as their low-profile presence in the truck bed. Whether it is an under-bed or an over-bed gooseneck hitch you are looking for, CURT has you covered.

5th Wheel Hitches
The 5th wheel hitches from CURT provide you with the whopping 16K to 25K towing capacity. Available in three series – A-series, Q-series, and E-series – these heavy-duty towing accessories are the best choice for light-duty utility vehicles as well as heavy RVs. Ideal for drivers looking for a variety of mounting options with a simple DIY installation.

Cargo Management
From cargo carries and bike racks to cargo traps and receiver accessories, CURT cargo management products are designed to add that extra storage capacity you need on your ride. Attach a CURT mounted bike rack to your vehicle’s trailer hitch receiver to add convenience and stability when transporting your bikes. Install a CURT cargo basket on your ride’s roof and bring all of your favorite gear along on the trip!

CURT products are engineered to take your towing experience to the next level. No matter if you are hauling, exploring new trails or trekking across the USA, CURT Manufacturing has everything you need to bring along your trailer, bikes, and gear. If by some miracle you still haven’t tried CURT’s hitches and towing accessories, now it’s the best time to finally do so! All made in the USA and manufactured to the strictest industry standards by the leader in trailering products, CURT Manufacturing!