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DC Sports are in the market for developing some of the best performance headers, exhausts, turbo manifolds, Air filters and exhaust systems. TDot Performance has some of the lowest prices with FREE Shipping in ALL DC Sports products with absolutely NO border fees.

Known for their performance tuning on Honda and Acura vehicles, DC Sports continued to expand their products range to almost everything performance oriented. Competitions pipes, single canister, dual canister and silencer exhausts are all DC Sport`s forte.

Always ready to back their products with firm production techniques, DC Sport remains the first choice for engine enhancing performance. Check out our variety of DC Sport products here at TdotPerformance. Don’t hesitate, contact us for further details toll free at 1-800-276-7566.

DC Sports

Specialising in sport compact vehicles, DC Sports has been producing high-quality performance parts since the mid-1980s. Its headquarters are in California, but its products are used across the world. Using DC Sports parts, you can make modifications to your car, quickly getting it to a level where it looks, sounds and performs the way you want it to.

DC Sports Exhaust Systems

DC Sports Exhaust Systems add depth and power to your drive, and are manufactured in corrosion-resistant stainless steel. DC Sports 4-2-1 One-Piece Header comes as a single unit, and with no middle flanges, it’s also impressively lightweight. With a bespoke merge design, you'll enjoy more ground clearance and enhance low to mid power.

Air intake

To replace an existing factory system with one that’s less restrictive, try a DC Sports high-performance Air Intake System. The DC Sports Short Ram Intake System slots right into your engine bay and boosts torque immediately. You'll feel the difference in your throttle and notice how your horsepower increases.


Cut down on body flex with DC Sports Suspension Systems that add stiffness to your ride. You'll see a better performance in how your car handles, especially at higher speeds. The DC Sports Rear Sub Frame Braces connect up quickly with specific points in the undercarriage of your vehicle; the durable one-piece design adds rigidity without weighing down the car.

DC Sports O2 Sensor Extension

Engine Components don't always require hours of work to install; in fact, the DC Sports O2 Sensor Extension is a bolt on extra that fine-tunes your engine and increases efficiency. Filters can also have a huge impact on your car's performance; products such as the DC Sports Dry Element Air Filter ensure that your engine reaches its full potential on every drive.

If you're planning to beef up your car turbo charger style, we have DC Sports Intercooler Pipes and Stainless Steel Turbo Manifolds to help you create the ride of your dreams.

Get in touch via email at sales@TDotperformance.ca, or via our toll-free number, 1-800-276-7566.