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A DiabloSport Programmer serves as the conduit for increased horsepower and improved fuel economy. These powerful tuners help you attain your vehicle’s peak performance as they feature advanced data-logging and user-changeable operation parameters. They are thoroughly designed by the company’s most knowledgeable engineers at their state-of-the-art production facility. Prioritizing the customer’s experience, their pocket and dash-mounted programmers are effortless to install and use. Here at TDot Performance, we offer a countless selection of DiabloSport Performance Chips and Programmers to suit your particular needs.

DiabloSport Trinity T1000

The DiabloSport Trinity t1000 is DiabloSport’s flagship programmer. This versatile device has everything you need to tune your vehicle for optimum performance. It delivers improved power and response, better fuel economy, gauge monitoring, data logging, virtual drag strip functionality, diagnostic code reading, and custom tuning capabilities! Emphasizing a user friendly operation, the DiabloSport Trinity T1000 is designed with a fully-coloured high resolution touch screen, state-of-the-art graphics user interface and customizable gauge layouts. It comes pre-configured with a variety of tunes which include economy, performance and factory among others. Adding to that, it also allows users to hold up to five additional custom tunes The Trinity T1000 is one of the most fully featured performance tuners on the market.

DiabloSport inTune i1000

The DiabloSport inTune i1000 is one of the most portable performance tuners on the market, and certainly the best looking! This powerful programmer borrows design cues from the latest touchscreen smart phones. It offers much of the same functionality of the T1000, just in a small, touchscreen controlled package. The I-1000 delivers improved power and response, better fuel economy, data logging, diagnostic code reading, custom tuning capabilities, and industry-leading PC integration. With respect to PC connectivity, the I-1000 is the first performance tuner to offer “plug-and-play” functionality. Your computer will read the I-1000 as a “mass storage device” (the same as a USB stick), thus letting you drag and drop new tunes to the device!

Smooth user experience is guaranteed as it incorporates easy to navigate menus, automatic USB updates through the internet and a huge amount of vehicle specific features. The DiabloSport i-1000 offers improved power and response, better fuel economy, data logging, diagnostic code reading, custom tuning capabilities, and industry-leading PC integration.

Proceeding the highly regarded Diablo Intune i1000 is the Diablosport Intune i2. This upgrade showcases a faster processor than its predecessor along with improved data logging. With the Intune i2, a new mode called “Easy Tune” simplifies the installation of your tunes. Easy Tune integrates the proper tune in minutes once users indicate the type of gas their vehicle runs as well as whether the speed limiter is to be removed. It also has an Advance Tune option where users can manually select from all the available tunes and adjust performance parameters such as timing, idle, speed and rev limiter. Furthermore, the i2’s diagnostic code reader function allows it to be utilized on multiple vehicles at any given time.

DiabloSport Predator

The DiabloSport Predator is a conveniently slim programmer designed to fit snugly on the palm of your hands. This programmer comes with a huge number of user adjustable options to ensure the overall driving experience is maximized. These include tire size, gears, shifting and many more. High speed OBD-II data logging capabilities allow up to 30 minutes of data which can be viewed on either the Predator or a PC. The diagnostic feature allows users to effortlessly scan and remove fault codes. Power gains are immediately evident upon integration, beginning in the low RPMS before building into the high RPMs. The elevated power levels result in faster acceleration, improved mileage, and better overall drivability. Navigating through the DiabloSport Predator is smooth thanks to the fully coloured, button-controlled screen with outstanding user interface. Users can easily save the stock tune for a quick restoration back to factory settings. What’s more, the powerful DiabloSport Predator is made compatible with both gas and diesel applications.

DiabloSport PowerPuck

The DiabloSport PowerPuck is one of the most powerful inline tuning devices on the market today. The PowerPuck comes with DiabloSport's patented “Diablo Dial” technology which lets you increase horsepower by up to 30% on the fly. The PowerPuck can also improve your fuel economy by up to 20%.


TDot Performance is an authorized retailer of all DiabloSport products. What this means is that you will be covered by the full manufacturer's warranty when you purchase from us. We also guarantee the lowest prices in Canada on all DiabloSport programmers along with free shipping on every order. What's more, our customers pay no customs, duties, or brokerage fees.