Founded in 1918, Dorman Products is a leader in replacement parts covering diesel, medium, and heavy-duty applications. A well-recognized name in the automotive aftermarket, Dorman Products is one of the largest makers of OEM quality parts such as suspension systems, engine, transmission and drivetrain components, gauges, tire and wheel accessories, brakes, as well as fuel, air intake, and exhaust systems. As an authorized dealer of Dorman Products, TDot Performance carries a huge collection of Dorman stock replacement parts ideal for virtually every application-and we offer them at the lowest prices found online.


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With a unique blend of innovative design, expertise, and wide scope of auto parts and accessories, Dorman has become the first choice of both professional mechanics and daily drivers alike. Dorman manufactures OEM style parts with easy fitment and significantly longer product lifespan and functionality. As an authorized dealer of Dorman Products, we carry a huge collection of Dorman stock replacement parts ideal for virtually every application-and we offer them at the lowest prices found online.

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Why choose Dorman?

Because Dorman restores the OEM quality and looks of your specific ride without charging you artificially inflated dealer prices. Since 1918, Dorman Products has been a trademark for excellence and expertise in the automotive market. Today the company is the first choice of daily drivers, racers, and pro mechanics looking for quality auto parts offering appearance and function.

Dorman is designing, developing, and manufacturing new parts every day. These are not just "parts", but OE direct-fix products from fuel tank roll over valves to engine timing chain guide bolts, engine oil cooler mounts, and integrated door lock actuators. In fact, the company offers inexpensive "aftermarket solutions for over 150,000 parts". Dorman offers the widest range coverage for each and every application and your specific replacement need.

What can Dorman offer YOU?

Dorman makes everything you need to restore the look and performance of your vehicle. Dorman uses some of the most innovative manufacturing equipment and techniques in the industry in order to recreate the particular OEM part for your specific year, make, and model of vehicle.

  • Replacement Suspension Parts
  • Replacement Steering Parts
  • Replacement Engine Parts
  • Replacement Brake Parts
  • Replacement Exhaust Parts
  • Air intake systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Ignition Systems
  • License Plates and Frames
  • Transmission & Drivetrain
  • Wheel and Tire Accessories
  • Custom Gauges & Accessories
  • Brakes
  • Fasteners
  • Headlights

We have the lowest prices in Dorman replacement parts

As a fully authorized Dorman dealer, we are proud to supply our customers with a huge selection of Dorman automotive parts and accessories, covering you with the full manufacturer warranty on each and every product.

How do you repair cars without buying expensive Dorman replacements and paying dealer markups?

It's easy. Instead of going to your local dealer and paying their markups, shop our discounted Dorman catalog online. A world of affordable auto parts offering the same OEM quality without breaking the bank! Add this to our regular discounts on selected Dorman kits, individual parts, and accessories - and it's a win-win for you no matter how you look at it.

How to choose the right Dorman replacement for your application

If you're not sure which Dorman suspension system, brake, coil spring, air intake, etc., is right for your vehicle, we have you covered! Our professionals will advise you and answer any additional question you may have in regards your purchase. Just give us a call at 1-800-276-7566 or try our live chat and we'll help you out.

In case you can't find a particular replacement part by searching our website, please make sure to call us. We are likely to carry your Dorman part in our warehouse and be able to ship it to you right away!