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Whether you’re an everyday driver or a professional racer, optimal driving performance is certain to be brought out when you integrate the EBC Brake Pads. These brake pads are produced by EBC in a variety of configurations so they can be a reliable solution that will precisely fit cars, trucks, mountain bikes and many other applications. The prestigious line-up of EBC Brakes includes the highly regarded Red Stuff, Yellow Stuff and Green Stuff Brake Pads among others.

Emphasizing a design that prioritizes stability, reduced brake fade, superior heat build-up resistance and an excellent grip, they are thoroughly built to withstand heavy brake usage over and over. For optimum level stoppage power, couple these exceptional brake pads with other superior EBC parts like their brake rotors, brake callipers, and brake lines. To generate the perfect fitment when purchasing your EBC Brake Pads, make sure to select the part number that is made specifically for your year and model.

As an official retailer of the EBC Brake Pads as well as every other top aftermarket product, TDot Performance lets you maximize vehicle performance for a cost-efficient price. We are a proudly Canadian brand that offers free shipment to anywhere in Canada. Our deliveries come with zero customs, duties or brokerage fees so you’re guaranteed the best deals in the market today.