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Guarantee stopping power that’s as superb and accurate as your vehicle’s acceleration by installing the EBC Brake Rotors. Made available in slotted and drilled variants, these high quality brake rotors specialize in keeping your discs cooler regardless of how fast or often you do your braking. Engineered to accurately fit your car, truck or SUV, these rotors are made out of heavy-duty materials that place emphasis on durability, corrosion resistance and longevity. EBC Brake Rotors perform best with other superior stoppage solutions from the company such as their brake pads and brake callipers. For the highest level of braking efficiency, EBC also offers a complete brake kit which includes precisely matched brake pads and rotors. The EBC Rotor, Pads and other braking parts are meticulously designed, manufactured, and tested in EBC’s headquarters at Northampton, UK to certify a design that can suit today’s demanding driving standards.

TDot Performance is a proudly Canadian company that provides the lowest prices for EBC Brakes and many other renowned aftermarket brands. From high quality exhaust systems to superb brake rotors to custom wheels, our shop makes certain you get all your aftermarket upgrades, easy and quick. Purchasing from our website is effortless. Simply indicate the upgrade you need along with your vehicle’s specific year and model. The search results will then provide a list of part numbers that will precisely fit your ride. Adding to that, TDot Performance lets you reliably track your orders once you’re made your purchase. You can expect them to be delivered to your location in Canada in just three to five working days. For the newest innovations and the best deals coupled by a 5 out of 5 star customer service, there is not a more reputable brand in all of Canada than TDot Performance.