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Edge Products

Based in Utah, Edge Products started life back in 1999 and quickly made a name for itself as a reliable supplier of aftermarket electronics for performance vehicles. Though it initially concentrated on heavy diesel-powered trucks, it now supplies innovative upgrades for cars, Jeeps and trucks.

Edge EvoHT Programmer

If you're looking for Performance Chips, the Edge EvoHT Programmer can perform numerous tunes on all types of vehicle, from gas cars to trucks. You can use it to monitor your engine parameters and get the full horsepower potential out of your ride.

Performance monitor

Inside your car, the Edge Insight Performance Monitor is a Custom Gauge with a 5-inch full colour screen and simple button controls. You won't need any tools to get it fitted, and you can quickly spot trouble codes if they arise.

Turbo timers

Fresh Engine Components can help you turn the car that you have into the car that you actually want. Edge EAS Turbo Timers let you set up a timer so that your turbo equipment remains in pristine condition. You input a time period or temperature, and then leave your vehicle. The timer will automatically shut it off when that figure is reached.


You can add elements to your Exhaust System to alter the way that it functions, sounds and performs on the open road. The Edge Sensor gives you an insight into the heat and gas levels present in your system. If you're putting the engine under repeated strain, then this gadget can help you avoid a roadside breakdown caused by overheating.


When you need to hook up to a trailer but you don’t want to damage that expensive paint job, the Edge Back Up Camera gives you a great view of the action unfolding out back. It will flick on as soon as you go into reverse, and can be quickly mounted on your license plate.

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